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AAPM/IOMP International Library Program

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  • Donations Available on Request
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Program Description

The AAPM/IOMP library program serves as a resource for medical physics and related communities in developing countries. The library program accepts book and e-journal donations and forwards them to established libraries on a per-request basis.

As of November 2014, current participation in the program involves 36 libraries located in 27 countries in 5 continents. To submit an application for the establishment of a new library, please complete this form.

The AAPM portion of the library program is administered by the International Library Subcommittee (ILSC), a subset of the International Affairs Committee (IAC).

Current ILSC chair and library curator: Allan Wilkinson, PhD

Donations Available for Request

The following lists the books and journals that have been donated to the library program and are available on request. Please submit request to  (Allan Wilkinson, PhD, Curator)

  • Books
    (10 copies of each of the below donations will be made available this year from CRC (Taylor and Francis group) - electronic or printed)
    • Shirley Lehnert's 'Handbook of Radio-Chemotherapy in the Treatment of Cancer'
    • John G. Webster's book, 'The Physiological Measurement Handbook'
  • Journals
    • Medical Physics from 1992-present, there may be the odd issue missing, all in good condition
    • Radiation Research 2004
    • Radiotherapy and Oncology 2009
    • PMB 1983-1994, most issues
  • Electronic subscriptions
    • Medical Physics
      Official journal of the AAPM and of the COMP/CCPM/IOMP
    • SRP journal

Make a Donation

The AAPM/IOMP library program relies on donations of books and e-journal subscriptions. Interested donors can contact (Allan Wilkinson, PhD, Curator)

Hardcopy books stay with the donor until a request is made. The library will then contact the donor to arrange for shipping to the recipient.

Subscription donations of the Medical Physics journal can be made in the annual AAPM membership renewal form.

Past Donations

The AAPM/IOMP library program would like to acknowledge the generous contributions of donors.

  • David Spencer
  • Anonymous
  • Ron Zelac
  • Taylor & Francis, CRC Press


List of current library locations. To submit an application for the establishment of a new library, please complete this form.

Country City
Bangladesh Dhaka
Brazil Rio de Janeiro
Brunei Berakas
Bulgaria Sofia
China Changzhou
China Xian
Colombia Bogota
Cyprus Nicosia
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo
Estonia Tallinn
Ghana Accra
Guatemala Guatemala City
Hungary Budapest
India Sikandra
India Jaipur
Iran Mashad
Iran Tehran
Lebanon Beirut
Mexico Mexico City
Morocco Rabat
Namibia Windhock
Nigeria Abuja
Nigeria Awka
Nigeria Benin City
Nigeria Enugu
Nigeria Lagos
Pakistan Faisalabad
Pakistan Larkana
Philippines Cebu City
Tanzania Dar es Salaam
Thailand Bangkok
Thailand Chiang Mai
Turkey Istanbul
Ukraine Kiev
Vietnam Dalat
Zimbabwe Harare