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Special Recognition

John R. Cameron Young Investigator Competition Finalists

Each year the AAPM conducts a Young Investigators' Competition for the Annual Meeting. Young Investigators were encouraged to submit abstracts for the competition. The 10 highest scored Young Investigator submissions determined by abstract reviewers are selected to be presented in a special symposium, in honor of University of Wisconsin Professor Emeritus John R. Cameron, Ph.D.

The Memorial Session in Honor of John R. Cameron: Young Investigators Symposium will be held Sunday, July 22 (4:00 - 6:00) in the main Auditoriuam of the Convention Center.

The top 3 winners will be recognized during the AAPM Awards and Honors Ceremony Monday, July 23 from 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm in Minneapolis Grand Ballroom, at the Hilton Minneapolis. The Ceremony to be followed by a reception until 8:30 pm.

4:00 PM
Exit Dosimetry Treatment Verification using Auto-Associative Kernel Regression - R. Seibert*, C. Ramsey, B. Robison, S. Outten, D. Garvey, J. Hines
4:12 PM
4:24 PM
The development and validation of an image-based dosimetry system for 90Y microspheres used to treat hepatic tumors - R. Selwyn*, C. Jaskowiak, R. Nickles, J. McDermott, J. Welsh, L. DeWerd, B. Thomadsen
4:36 PM
4:48 PM
5:00 PM
5:12 PM
5:24 PM
5:36 PM
5:48 PM
Quantitative assessment of the accuracy of proton beam range verification with PET/CT - A. Knopf*, K. Parodi, H. Paganetti, E. Cascio, A. Bonab, T. Bortfeld


Jack Fowler Junior Investigator Competition Winner

An award for Junior Investigators has been established in honor of Dr. Jack Fowler, Emeritus Professor of Human Oncology and Medical Physics, University of Wisconsin.

Junior Investigators were encouraged to submit abstracts for the competition. The top scoring Junior Investigator submission determined by abstract reviewers was selected.

The winner will be announced during the AAPM Awards and Honors Ceremony Monday, July 23 from 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm in Minneapolis Grand Ballroom, at the Hilton Minneapolis.


Measurement: New Dosimetry Systems and Procedures

5:00 PM

Clinical Prototype of a Plastic Water-Equivalent Scintillating Fiber Dosimeter Matrix for IMRT QA Applications - F. Lacroix*, L. Archambault, L. Gingras, S. Beddar, L. Beaulieu

Reviewer's Choice Selections

Over 1100 abstracts were submitted for scientific review this year. Each abstract was reviewed independently and anonymously by at least three reviewers. The following abstracts were chosen as the highest ranked by the reviewers, and represent an excellent cross section of high quality research on current topic in the field. These abstracts will be presented in sessions matching their category, but with an extended time period to permit a more in-depth presentation and discussion.

IMRT: Optimization

2:42 PM

Plan Space Modeling and Decision Support System for Multi-Plan IMRT Framework - W. D'Souza*, H. Zhang, D. Nazareth, L. Shi, R. Meyer
IMRT: Optimization

3:00 PM

Effect of a Biologically-Based Prescription Function in IMRT Dose Optimization - S. Bowen*, R. Flynn, S. Bentzen, R. Jeraj
X-ray Imaging- New Detectors, Techniques

5:12 PM

Multiplexing Radiography for Ultra-Fast Computed Tomography: A Feasibility Study - J. Zhang*, G. Yang, Y. Lee, S. Chang, J. Lu, O. Zhou
The John S. Laughlin Science Council Research Symposium:

10:00 AM

Development of a Linac-MRI System for Real-Time ART - B. Fallone*, M. Carlone, B. Murray, S. Rathee, T. Stanescu, S. Steciw, K. Wachowicz, C. Kirkby
Ultrasound, PET and PET/CT

3:06 PM

Assessment of the Radiation Shielding for a Busy PET/CT Facility - S. Kappadath*, R. Wendt
Radiobiology: Foundamental and Outcome Modeling

2:54 PM

Cellular Response to Modulated Radiation Fields - E. Claridge*, N. Suchowerska, M. Zhang, M. Ebert, D. McKenzie, M. Jackson
Breast Imaging- Mammography and CT

5:12 PM

Breast CT with Energy Resolved Detection - P. Shikhaliev*
IMRT: Delivery

11:36 AM

A Proposal for a Novel Compact Intensity Modulated Proton Therapy System Using a Dielectric Wall Accelerator - T. Mackie*, G. Caporaso, S. Sampayan, Y. Chen, D. Blackfield, J. Harris, S. Hawkins, C. Holmes, S. Nelson, A. Paul, B. Poole, M. Rhodes, D. Sanders, J. Sullivan, L. Wang, J. Watson, P. Reckwerdt, R. Schmidt, D. Pearson, R. Flynn, D. Matthews, J. Purdy

2:54 PM

Automated Stereotactic Radiosurgery Quality Assurance Using a Portal Imager - M. Mamalui-Hunter*, R. Drzymala, L. Santanam, V. Willcut, D. Low
Breast Imaging - Ultrasound and Tomosynthesis

5:12 PM

Comparison of Mammographic Percent Density and Volumetric Percent Density Determined From Ultrasound Tomography Images - C. Glide*, N. Duric, P. Littrup



The AAPM appreciates the contributions of the following individuals for their involvement in the development and success of the 2007 AAPM Annual Meeting Program.

Abstract Reviewers

M. Alber, J. Antolak, S. Armato, J. Avadhani., P. Balter, J. Bayouth, S. Benedict, J. Bissonnette, P. Bloch, T. Bortfeld, J.D. Bourland, F. Bova, A. Boyer, S. Breen, K. Brock, C. Burman, J. Burmeister, P. Carson, D. Chakraborty, H.-P. Chan, J. Chang, S. Chang, G.-H. Chen, L. Chen, C. Cheng, I. Chetty, S. Chiu-Tsao, J. Chu, D. Cody, T. Craig, I. Cunningham, I. Das, R. Das, S. Das, J. Deasy, F.C. Deibel, J. DeMarco, J. Dempsey, J. Deng, L. DeWerd, M. Ding, N. Dogan, L. Dong, W. D'Souza, J. Duan, D. Duggan, J. Duryea, G. Ezzell, B. Faddegon, R. Fahrig, A. Fenster, M. Flynn, D. Followill, E. Ford, K. Forster, E. Fourkal, B. Fraass, B. Gerbi, J. Gibbons, M. Giger, S. Glick, M. Goodsitt, J. Hanley, B. Hasegawa, M. Herman, J. Hevezi, M. Hoffman, K. Hogstrom, T. Holmes, J. Hsieh, G. Hugo, M. Hunt, M. Huq, A. Jackson, E. Jackson, R. Jeraj, S. Jiang, K. Jordan, A. Karellas, P. Keall, M. Kessler, E. Klein, R. Kline, H. Kooy, F. Korosec, J. Kruse, J. Kung, M. Lachaine, C. Levin, J. Li, J. Li, X.A. Li, Z. Li, E. Lief, D. Litzenberg, C. Liu, H Liu, X. Liu, A. Lomax, T. LoSasso, D. Lovelock, D. Low, W. Lu, A. Lujan, G. Luxton, C. Ma, J. Ma, L. Ma, G. Mageras, D. Mah, A. Maidment, M. Martel, R. Maughan, J. McDonough, M. McNitt-Gray, J. Mechalakos, S. Meeks, M. Miften, B. Mijnheer, V. Moiseenko, S. Molloi, J. Molloy, J. Moran, D. Moseley, M. Moyers, S. Mutic, W. Newhauser, A. Niemierko, U. Oelfke, A. Olch, M. Oldham, H. Paganetti, T. Pan, X. Pan, G. Pang, E.I. Parsai, M. Partridge, T. Pawlicki, N. Petrick, M. Phillips, M. Podgorsak, R. Popple, J. Pouliot, R. Price, C. Ramsey, C. Reft, E. Rietzel, M. Rivard, P. Roberson, J. Roeske, X. Rong, J. Rownd, K. Ruchala, G. Sandison, C. Saw, W. Schlegel, B. Schueler, J.A. Seibert, A. Sethi, J. Seuntjens, G. Sharp, M. Sharpe, C. Shaw, D. Shepard, J. Siebers, J. Siewerdsen, R. Sloboda, C. Soares, J. Sohn, T. Solberg, Y. Song, J. Sonke, M. Sontag, S. Spirou, D. Steidley, R. Ten Haken, B. Thomadsen, W. Tome, M. Tornai, D. Townsend, A. Trofimov, J. Tsai, B. Tsui, F. Van den Heuvel, M. van Herk, S. Vedam, T. Waldron, R. Wallace, L. Wang, Y. Watanabe, B. Whiting, A. Williams, Q. Wu, P. Xia, Y. Xiao, L. Xing, D. Yan, F.-F. Yin, E. Yorke, J. Yorkston, M. Yudelev, N. Yue, M. Zaider, T. Zhu, R. Zwicker

Moderators, Directors and Session Chairs

M. Alber, L. Antonuk, J. Balter, J. Bayouth, S. Benedict, J. Boone, E. Boote, F. Bova, A. Boyer, Y. Cao, D. Chakraborty, H.-P. Chan, S. Chang, G. Chen, Y. Chen, I. Chetty, I. Chetty, J. Chu, D. Cody, I. Das, I. El Naqa, G. Ezzell, B. Faddegon, L. Fairobent, M. Fox, B. Fraass, G.D. Frey, W. Geiser, B. Gerbi, B. Gerbi, J. Gibbons, M. Giger, S.J. Glick, M. Goodsitt, R. Gould, S. Hadley, J. Hazle, W. Hendee, M. Herman, K. Hogstrom, J. Hsieh, M.S. Huq, G. Ibbott, D. Jaffray, R. Jennings, R. Jeraj, S. Jiang, W. Kalender, A. Karellas, P. Keall, M. Kessler, E. Klein, S. Kry, I. Kyprianou, S. Larson, T.-Y. Lee, X.A. Li, Z. Li, R. Lieto, J. Limmer, A. Lomax, D.M Lovelock, D. Low, G. Luxton, C. Ma, J. Ma, T. Mackie, G. Mageras, M. Martel, O. Mawlawi, M. McNitt-Gray, P. Medin, A. Meigooni, D. Mihailidis, M. Mills, C. Mistretta, S. Molloi, D. Moseley, D. Moseley, S. Mutic, A. Nahum, A. Niemierko, G. Olivera, H. Paganetti, J. Palta, T. Pan, X. Pan, T. Pawlicki, D. Pfeiffer, M. Podgorsak, J. Pouliot, R. Price, J. Purdy, C. Ramsey, H. Rehbinder, D. Rogers, J. Rowlands, S. Rudin, E. Samei, C. Saw, J.A. Seibert, J. Seuntjens, G. Sharp, M. Sharpe, C. Shaw, A. Shiu, J. Siebers, J. Siewerdsen, R.A. Siochi, T. Solberg, G. Starkschall, B. Thomadsen, M. Tornai, A. Trofimov, B. Tsui, J. Van Dyk, S. Vedantham F. Wehrli, F. Wehrli, B. Whiting, J. Williamson, T. Willoughby, J. Wong, R. Wu, P. Xia, L. Xing, D. Yan, F. Yin, F. Yin, E. Yorke, J. Yorkston, C. Yu, T. Zhu

Continuing Education Course Directors

S. Armato III, K. Buckley, M. Flynn, J. Halama, M. Holland, R. Holmes Jr., K. Kanal, C. McCollough, D. Pfeiffer, M. Rzeszotarski, C.Willis, N.Yanasak

Invited Speakers and Participants

C. Abbey, M. Alber, H. Amols, J. Anderson, A. Ansari, R. Badawi, E. Bailey, J. Balter, S. Balter, G. Barnes, G. Becker, S. Benedict, S. Bentzen, E. Berns, J.-P. Bissonnette, J. Boone, T. Bortfeld, J.D. Bourland, T. Branham, D. Brinkmann, K. Brock, E. Bullitt, F. Cameron, Y. Cao, T. Chan, L. Chen, I. Chetty, G. Clarke, L. Clarke, K. Classic, D. Cody, B. Curran, J. Deye, S. Dieterich, J. Duerk, P. Dunscombe, E. Ebbini, P. Esser, R. Eustice, F. Fahey, R. Fahrig, K. Fetterly, M. Flynn, M. Fox, G.D. Frey, D. Frush, K. Gall, J. Galvin, W. Geiser, J. Geleijns, D. Georgian-Smith, B. Gerbi, J. Gibbons, M. Giger, D. Gilley, S. Glick, S.N. Goldberg, L. Goldman, J. Greenleaf, T. Guerrero, J. Halama, T. Hall, P. Heintz, W. Hendee, M. Herman, J. Hevezi, K. Hogstrom, T. Holmes, J. Hsieh, G. Ibbott, E. Jackson, D. Jaffray, K. Jee, R. Jeraj, S. Jiang, S. Jiang, W. Kalender, A. Karellas, B. Kavanagh, P. Keall, B. Kemp, M. Kessler, E. Klein, J. Kofler, P. Kupelian, I. Kyprianou, J. Lagendijk, S. Larson, T. Lawrence, T. Lee, R. Lieto, J. Limmer, P. Lin, H. Liu, J. Lo, A. Lomax, D. Low, C.-M. Ma, G. Mageras, M. Mahesh, V. Malka, L. Marks, M. Martin, J. Masten, R. Mather, O. Mawlawi, C. McCollough, M. McNitt-Gray, S. Meeks, M. Mills, C. Mistretta, B. Mittleman, R. Mohan, S. Molloi, R. Morin, M. Munley, S. Mutic, P. Nagy, A. Nahum, A. Olch, H. Paganetti, B. Paliwal, J. Palta, T. Pan, X. Pan, N. Papanikolaou, T. Pawlicki, J.T. Payne, D. Peck, N. Pelc, D. Pfeiffer, A. Pirzkall, A. Pollack, J. Pouliot, R. Price, A. Pugachev, C. Ramsey, N. Ranger, J. Rewcastle, T. Rifu, M. Rock, J. Rodgers, J. Roeske, D. Rogers, M. Rzeszotarski, J. Saffer, E. Samei, L. Schwartz, J. Seuntjens, M. Sharpe, D. Shepard, S.J. Shepard, J. Siebers, J. Siewerdsen, A. Smith, D. Sodickson, T. Solberg, J.-J. Sonke, P. Sprawls, T. Tajima, R. Ten Haken, B. Thomadsen, R. Timmerman, W. Tome, M. Tornai, B.M. Tsui, M. Urie, J. Van Dyk, M. van Herk, M. Vannier, F. Wehrli, C. Willett, L. Williams, M. Williams, C. Willis, M. Witte, Q.-R. Wu, X. Wu, P. Xia, L. Xing, M. Yaffe, D. Yan, F.-F. Yin, E. Yorke, O. Zhou, T. Zhu