2010 ACMP Program
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ACMP 26th Annual Meeting - Session
Young Investigator Symposium  
Young Investigator Symposium
Sunday 4:00:00 PM - 5:30:00 PM  Room: Grand Oaks N/O

Moderator: Ryan Foster, UT Southwestern Medical Center

4:00 PM
SU-F-Grand Oaks N/O-1
Proton Computed Tomography Reconstruction using a Bayesian Inference based Proton Path Probability Map - D. Wang*, T. Mackie, W. Tome
4:11 PM
SU-F-Grand Oaks N/O-2
Clinical Application of EPID for Routine Machine QA - X. Chen*, C. Shi, C. Buckey, H. Alkhatib, N. Papanikolaou
4:22 PM
SU-F-Grand Oaks N/O-3
Application of 3D Intensity Modulated Brachytherapy for Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation - B. Guo*, C. Shi, C. Cheng, C. Esquivel, T. Eng, N. Papanikolaou
4:33 PM
SU-F-Grand Oaks N/O-4
Development of the Preliminary Quality Assurance Software for GafChromic EBT2 Film Dosimetry - J. Park*, J. Lee, K. Choi, W. Jung, T. Suh
4:44 PM
SU-F-Grand Oaks N/O-5
Independent Dose Calculation Software Development and Validation for Helical Tomotherapy - W. He*, L. Vazquez Q, A. Gutiérrez, S. Stathakis, H. Alkhatib, C. Shi, N. Papanikolaou
4:55 PM
SU-F-Grand Oaks N/O-6
Experimental and Monte Carlo estimation of dose perturbation around a non-radioactive brachytherapy seed due to 6 and 18 MV photons - J. Steinman*, H. Malhotra
5:06 PM
SU-F-Grand Oaks N/O-7
Preliminary characterization of optically stimulated luminescence point dosimeters for diagnostic energy use - R. Al-Senan*, N. Ruiz, M. Hatab
5:17 PM
SU-F-Grand Oaks N/O-8
Signal-to-Noise Ratio in Parallel Imaging: ACR’s failure and how to overcome it - F. Goerner*, G. Clarke