2010 ACMP Program
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ACMP 27th Annual Meeting - Session
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Tuesday, May 25, 2010
International Medical Physicists Symposium  
International Medical Physics
Tuesday 10:00:00 AM - 12:00:00 PM  Room: Grand Oaks P/Q/R

Moderator: Raymond Wu, Barrow Neurological Institute & St Joseph's Hospital

Moderator: Matthew Al-Ghazi, University of California, Irvine

Moderator: Chang-Ming Charlie Ma, Fox Chase Cancer Center

10:00 AM
TU-C-Grand Oaks P/Q/R-1
The Pursuit of International Medical Physics Performance Excellence - E. Sternick*
10:10 AM
TU-C-Grand Oaks P/Q/R-2
Recent Developments of the IBMP Initiative - R. Wu*
10:20 AM
TU-C-Grand Oaks P/Q/R-3
Professional Certification of Medical Physicists- IOMP Perspective - K. Cheung*
10:30 AM
TU-C-Grand Oaks P/Q/R-4
Medical Physicists Certification Process and Examination in the Middle East - I. Duhaini*, A. Mohamed
10:40 AM
TU-C-Grand Oaks P/Q/R-5
Education and Training Requirements for the Certification of Medical Physicists in Korea - R. Lee*
10:50 AM
TU-C-Grand Oaks P/Q/R-6
Situation of Professional Development of the Medical Physicist in P.R. China - Y. Hu*
11:00 AM
TU-C-Grand Oaks P/Q/R-7
International Medical Physicists Symposium - K. Adhikari*
11:10 AM
TU-C-Grand Oaks P/Q/R-8
Eleven Years of Board Certification Experience in Taiwan - T. Chiang*
11:20 AM
TU-C-Grand Oaks P/Q/R-9
Educational Requirements, Development of Practice Standards, and Establishment of Iraq Medical Physics Society - N. Naji*
11:30 AM
TU-C-Grand Oaks P/Q/R-10
Medical Physics Certification Process in Mexico: A Report of the Actual Situation - V. Gonzalez*
11:40 AM
TU-C-Grand Oaks P/Q/R-11
Panel Discussion -