2010 ACMP Program
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ACMP 27th Annual Meeting - Session
Young Investigator Poster Display  
Young Investigator Poster Display
Sunday 8:00:00 AM - 6:00:00 PM  Room: Exhibit Hall
PO-YI-Exh Hall-1 Modelling brachytherapy eye plaques as dome sources within the TG-43 formalism and fitting to published Monte Carlo results - C. Deufel*, K. Furutani, R. Thomson, J. Antolak
PO-YI-Exh Hall-2 A Static Multi-slit Collimator System for Scatter Reduction in Cone-beam CT - J. Chang*, T. Suh, D. Jang, S. Kim
PO-YI-Exh Hall-3 Comprehensive acceptance testing and clinical commissioning of a 16-slice Big Bore CT scanner - J. Zhang*, V. Sehgal, B. He, D. Roa, M. Martin, M. Al-Ghazi
PO-YI-Exh Hall-4 Comparison of Source Dwell Position Configuration in Single Catheter Balloon Partial Breast Brachytherapy - D. Johnson*, S. Ahmad
PO-YI-Exh Hall-5 Quantitative assessment of dose differences calculated using pencil beam on conventional CT and cone-beam CT from a kV on-board imager - J. Tubbs*, I. Ali, B. Du, S. Ahmad