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2017 Amendments to AAPM’s Governance Documents

TO: Voting Members of the AAPM
FROM: Todd Pawlicki, PhD, FAAPM, AAPM Secretary
RE: Vote on Amendments to the Governance Documents

Below you will find links to proposed amendments to the By-Laws of the Association. The proposed amendments are put forth by the Board of Directors and have been reviewed by the Rules Committee. Comments on the amendments were discussed on AAPM’s Board Bulletin System’s Governance Assessment Vote and 2017 AAPM Elections threads, as well as at the Annual Business Meeting of the AAPM in Denver, Colorado (Members’ comment found in the PDF “view info” below). To amend the By-Laws, a 2/3 majority of the voting members is required.

To assist you in your review of the proposed amendments I have included:

  • The text of the amendments
  • The statements of necessity
  • A summary of comments by members

Please review this information and vote electronically to indicate approval or rejection of each amendment. To be counted, your vote must be received by the Secretary at AAPM Headquarters no later than Wednesday, 9/13/2017 at 11:59 PM Eastern Time.

Amendments to the Governance Documents
Click 'view info' to download PDF of the proposed Governance Documents change.
Proposal 1 New set of AAPM By-Laws Corresponding to the Governance Structure
The proposed new set of AAPM By-Laws support the revised AAPM Governing Structure recommended by the Ad Hoc Committee on Governance Assessment.

To learn more about this proposal, please go here.

Proposal 2 Amend By-Laws Article III, Section 1
The proposed amendment is made to allow non-AAPM members to be voting members of AAPM Committees.

Note: If the Governance Restructuring proposal passes, this proposal will have no effect, since the revised structure allows non-AAPM members to be members of committees.

Proposal 3 Amend By-Laws Article IV, Section 1
The proposed amendments are made to allow applications for Corresponding Members to submit two letters of support from Members, Emeritus Members or Corresponding Members in good standing and have a personal knowledge of the applicant.

Note: If the Governance Restructuring proposal passes, this proposal will have no effect, since the revised By-Laws no longer specifies the number of letters required for Membership applications.


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