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Electronic Media Coordinating
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ChargeThe Electronic Media Coordinating Committee shall be responsible for coordinating policies that pertain to the operation of the AAPM's presence on the Internet and the use of other electronic media, shall advise the Board on related issues, and shall recommend related policies for Board approval.
Bylaws:Not Referenced.Rules: 3.9.9
Approved Date(s)Start: n/a
Committee Keywords: CD ROM, CD-ROM, EMC, EMCC, FTP, Internet, intranet, IS, IT, reports, website

Bruce Curran
Committee Chair

Members - 2015 Roster

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There are 6 members and guests.
=complete and up-to-date, =complete, out-of-date, =incomplete conflict of interest statement.
Samuel G. Armato III, PhD

1/1/2010  Chair , Medical Physics Journal Business Management Committee - (ex officio)
George C. Kagadis, PhD

6/1/2013  Chair , Website Editorial Board - (ex officio)
Mahadevappa Mahesh, PhD

1/1/2007  Chair , Newsletter Editorial Board - (ex officio)
Adam R. Schoen, MS

1/1/2014  Member -
George Starkschall, PhD

1/1/2010  Chair , Education Council - (ex officio)
John M. Wait

1/1/2014  Member - (nonvoting)

Staff Assigned to Committee - 2015 Roster

There are 2 staff.
Khan, Farhana R. 

5/20/2014  AAPM Staff - Assistant Director of Information Services - (ex officio, nonvoting)
Woodward, Michael E   

1/1/1997  AAPM Staff - Director, Information Services - (ex officio, nonvoting)