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Students and Trainees Subcommittee

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ChargeThe objectives of the Students and Trainees subcommittee are (1) to encourage communication and collaboration among current medical physics students and (2) to disseminate information related to medical physics to current and prospective medical physics students. These objectives will be achieved by (1) the organization of an annual student meeting to be held in conjunction with the annual AAPM meeting and (2) the maintenance of a web-based users group to facilitate student interactions.
Bylaws:Not Referenced.Rules: Not Referenced.
Approved Date(s)Start: 9/29/2006
Committee Keywords: SPASC, STSC

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There are 8 members and guests.
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VOTING Appointments
Jay W. Burmeister, PhD

1/1/2016  Member - Faculty Advisor
NON-VOTING Appointments
Carlos E. Cardenas, MS

7/30/2015  Consultant (nonvoting)
no coi on file
Stephanie A. Harmon

7/30/2015  Liaison - Working Group for Students and Trainees Research (nonvoting)
no coi on file
William S. Ingram, BSc

7/30/2015  Consultant (nonvoting)
no coi on file
Anna E. Rodrigues, PhD

1/1/2015  Consultant - Student and Trainees Subcommittee Chair (nonvoting)
no coi on file
Alison R. Roth, BS

10/29/2014  Consultant (nonvoting)
Samantha J. Simiele, MS

7/30/2015  Consultant (nonvoting)
no coi on file
Natalie N. Viscariello

7/30/2015  Consultant (nonvoting)

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