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Therapy Imaging Subcommittee
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ChargeTo address issues pertaining to the utilization of various imaging modalities for treatment planning in radiation therapy, by: 1. Providing instructive resources on emerging concepts through symposia and refresher courses and reports 2. Providing prescriptive guidance for maturing technology and procedures
Bylaws:Not Referenced.Rules: Not Referenced.
Approved Date(s)Start: 12/1/2004
End: n/a
Committee Keywords: TISC

Debra Brinkmann
Subcommittee Chair

Members - 2014 Roster

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There are 16 members and guests.
Jean-Pierre Bissonnette, PhD

1/1/2014  Chair , Imaging for Treatment Verification Work Group (ex officio)
Debra H. Brinkmann, PhD

1/1/2012  Subcommittee Chair -
Kristy K. Brock, PhD

7/15/2010  Chair , Imaging for Treatment Planning - (ex officio)
Lei . Dong, PhD

9/22/2008  Chair , Imaging for Treatment Verification Work Group - (ex officio)
Dimitre  . Hristov, PhD

3/15/2013  Member -
Geoffrey D. Hugo, PhD

1/1/2012  Subcommittee Vice Chair -
Andrew R. Jensen, MS

1/1/2014  Member -
Robert . Jeraj, PhD

1/1/2012  Chair , Imaging for Treatment Assessment Work Group (ex officio)
Xun . Jia, PhD

3/15/2013  Member -
Jian-Yue Jin, PhD

3/15/2013  Member -
John H. Lewis, PhD

3/15/2013  Member -
Heng Li

3/15/2013  Member -
Gig S. Mageras, PhD

1/1/2012  Liaison from Therapy Emerging Technology Assessment Working Group -
Michael T. Munley, PhD

1/1/2009  Chair , Molecular Imaging in Radiation Oncology Work Group (ex officio)
Gregory C. Sharp, PhD

3/15/2013  Member -
Hui Zhao, PhD

1/1/2012  Member -

Staff Assigned to Committee - 2014 Roster

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