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Summer School Subcommittee

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Holly Lincoln
Subcommittee Chair

2017 Roster

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There are 9 members and guests.
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VOTING Appointments
Charles D. Bloch, PhD

1/1/2012  Chair , Online Learning Services Subcommittee (ex officio)
Dianna D. Cody, PhD

11/25/2012  Member
no coi on file
Robert A. Dahl, MS

1/17/2012  Member
Abbie M. Diak, DPhil

5/4/2015  Member
no coi on file
Xun . Jia, PhD

5/4/2015  Member
Holly M. Lincoln, MS

1/1/2015  Subcommittee Chair
Robin A. Miller, MS

1/1/2012  Member
Vrinda Narayana, PhD

1/1/2015  Subcommittee Vice Chair
no coi on file
William Parker, MSc

1/1/2015  Member
no coi on file

STAFF Appointed to Committee

There are 2 staff.
Hoza, Jaime 

no coi on file
1/4/2016  AAPM Staff - Meetings & Programs Assistant - (ex officio, nonvoting)
MacFarland, Karen A 

10/14/2003  AAPM Staff - Senior Meetings & Programs Manager - (ex officio, nonvoting)