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Task Group No. 180 - Image Guidance Doses Delivered During Radiotherapy: Quantification, Management, and Reduction

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  1. To identify the important issues such as the large variations between dose to bone (or bone marrow) and dose to soft tissues for x-rays at kilovoltage energy range.
  2. To provide an overview on the general approach to clinical implementation of accounting for the imaging guidance dose from x0ray imaging procedures in radiotherapy include megavoltage electronic portal imaging (MV EPI), kilovoltage digital radiography (kV DR), tomotherapy MV-CT, megavoltage cone-beam CT (MV-CBCT) and kilovoltage cone-beam CT (kV-CBCT).
  3. To provide general guidelines for:
  • commissioning an imaging beam in a treatment planning system
  • various verification techniques and experimental method to assure an accurate imaging beam model commission process.
  • specific recommendations on the does calculation accuracy from an imaging procedure in a treatment planning system.
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Approved Date(s)Start: 8/28/2008
End: 12/31/2016
Committee Keywords: TG180
Most recent status update:Final revision of TG-180 report submitted in Oct, 2015 - [11/4/2015 by George Ding] Click to update.
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TG180 - Image Guidance Doses Delivered During Radiotherapy: Quantification, Management, and Reduction [Status]
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