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Task Group No. 232 - Clinical Use of CR/DR Exposure Indices
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To investigate the current state of the practice for CR/DR Exposure and Deviation Indices based on AAPM TG116 and IEC 62494, for the purpose of establishing achievable goals (reference levels) and action levels in digital radiography. The products of this task group will be a brief report and an updated version of Table 2 from AAPM Report #116.

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Approved Date(s)Start: 8/13/2012
End: 12/31/2014
Committee Keywords: TG232

Jaydev Dave
Task Group Co-Chair

Aaron Jones
Task Group Co-Chair

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Bruce Apgar

10/29/2012  Member - Vendor liaison from Agfa
Ishtiaq H. Bercha, MSc

11/20/2012  Member -
Samuel L. Brady, PhD

12/2/2013  Member -
Jaydev K. Dave, PhD

9/10/2012  Task Group Co-Chair -
Ryan F. Fisher, PhD

8/20/2013  Member - (nonvoting)
Lee W. Goldman, MS

11/20/2012  Member -
Jeffrey B. Guild, PhD

11/12/2012  Member -
Katie W. Hulme, MS

11/20/2012  Member -
Aaron K. Jones, PhD

9/10/2012  Task Group Co-Chair -
Robert D. MacDougall

11/20/2012  Member -
Ulrich Neitzel, PhD

11/13/2012  Liaison - Philips Medical Systems (nonvoting)
Lynn  N. Rill, PhD

11/13/2012  Member -
S. Jeff Shepard, MS

10/26/2012  Member -
Brent K. Stewart, PhD

11/20/2012  Member -
Robert A. Uzenoff

10/29/2012  Member - (nonvoting)
Charles E. Willis, PhD

8/20/2013  Member -
David A. Zamora, MS

11/19/2012  Member -

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