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Task Group No. 233 - Performance Evaluation of Computed Tomography Systems
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ChargeThis task group will aim to supplement and compliment TG 74, updating some of the testing methods and devising new ones applicable to modern CT systems. Some of the topics to be addressed include the following: (1) Advanced image quality assessment techniques including task-based metrology. (2) Performance evaluation of iterative reconstruction techniques. (3) Performance and effectiveness of automatic tube current modulation techniques.
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Approved Date(s)Start: 8/20/2012
End: 12/31/2014
Committee Keywords: TG233
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TG233 - Performance Evaluation of Computed Tomography Systems  [Status]
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Ehsan Samei
Task Group Co-Chair

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Donovan M. Bakalyar, PhD

8/20/2012  Member -
Kirsten Lee Boedeker, PhD

1/1/2013  Member -
Samuel L. Brady, PhD

8/20/2012  Member -
Jiahua Fan, PhD

1/1/2013  Member -
Shuai Leng, DPhil

8/20/2012  Member -
Michael F. McNitt-Gray, PhD

8/20/2012  Member -
Kyle J. Myers, PhD

8/20/2012  Member -
Lucretiu Popescu

8/2/2013  Guest - (nonvoting)
Juan Carlos . Ramirez Giraldo, PhD

1/30/2013  Member -
Ehsan Samei, PhD

8/20/2012  Task Group Co-Chair -
Justin B. Solomon, MSc

8/2/2013  Member -

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