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Task Group No. 256 Proton Relative Biological Effectiveness (RBE)

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1. Assess whether the current practice of a constant clinical RBE should be revised or maintained. 2. Assess the potential and clinical consequences of delivering RBE weighted doses based on variable LET distributions and as a function of dose and biological endpoints and assess the potential for harm and benefits associated with the clinical implementation of alternate (non-constant) RBE and dose-weighted LET models into treatment planning systems in terms of treatment margins and other metrics. 3. Recommend experiments needed to improve our current understanding of the relationships among in vitro, in vivo and clinical RBE and develop recommendations to minimize the effects of uncertainties associated with proton RBE for well defined tumor types and critical structures. 4. Review biophysical models to potentially predict RBE in a treatment planning environment and provide LET and RBE relationships from such models.

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Approved Date(s)Start: 12/1/2013
End: 12/31/2016
Committee Keywords: TG256
Most recent status update:The TG report is final in its first draft. Refinements and circulation among all TG members is next. - [11/5/2015 by Harald Paganetti] Click to update.

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