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Task Group No. 260 Considerations for the Use of Handheld Devices for Viewing Medical Images

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To develop a task group report which provides general guidelines for issues to be considered when viewing medical images on handheld devices. Further details will be developed by the TG in creating the report, with a better examination of the critical aspects to consider for using handheld viewers. We have invited ACR representatives to make this into a report that will be also published in JACR (tentative).


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Approved Date(s)Start: 4/10/2014
End: 12/31/2015
Committee Keywords: TG260
Most recent status update:TG260, mobile device viewing, work in progress, first outline and assignments. Will be discussed at AAPM2015. - [4/18/2015 by Aldo Badano] Click to update.
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TG260 Considerations for the Use of Handheld Devices for Viewing Medical Images [Status]
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Nicholas B. Bevins, PhD

11/19/2015  Member
Steve G. Langer, PhD

12/17/2014  Member
George O. Redmond, MS

9/1/2015  Member
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Ing. Juergen . Heckel, MEng

12/5/2016  Consultant (nonvoting)
Koichi Kakuda

6/19/2015  Member (nonvoting)
Jessica Lamb

8/6/2014  Consultant (nonvoting)
J. Ross Mitchell

6/15/2015  Member (nonvoting)
no coi on file
Girish Srinivasan, Ph.D.

12/15/2014  Member (nonvoting)
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