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Work Group on Particle Beams

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1. Continuously review developments in radiation therapy using particle beams (excluding electrons), including treatment planning, delivery, treatment protocols, quality assurance techniques, dosimetry and radiobiology.
2. Encourage the formation and support of task groups that will produce documents assisting the AAPM membership in matters pertaining to particle beam therapy.
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Approved Date(s)Start: 3/30/2005
End: n/a
Committee Keywords: WGPB

Indra Das
Workgroup Chair

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VOTING Appointments
Martin . Bues, PhD

1/1/2016  Member
no coi on file
Indra J. Das, PhD

1/1/2012  Workgroup Chair
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Lei . Dong, PhD

1/1/2015  Member
Zuofeng Li, DSc

1/1/2016  Member
Radhe Mohan, PhD

4/23/2012  Member
no coi on file
Harald . Paganetti, PhD

4/25/2012  Member
Katia . Parodi, PhD

1/1/2016  Member
X. Ronald Zhu, PhD

1/31/2012  Member - Vice Chair
no coi on file
NON-VOTING Appointments
Jacek Capala, PhD

1/1/2015  Liaison - NCI (ex officio, nonvoting)
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