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Review and Extension of beam quality conversion factors for TG-51 Protocol
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ChargeThe primary goal of the working group is to review experimental and calculated data sets of beam quality conversion factors. At a later stage a consensus dataset can be generated that (1) when justified, supersedes the TG-51 dataset and (2) provides realistic uncertainty estimates on the consensus values. The WG will thus present a review of measured and calculated kQ data as well as a clarification document for TG-51 that contains tables of kQ for chambers currently not listed in the protocol. We also intend to review different calibration issues. The function of the WG is thus primarily to produce a review on the basis of which recommendations can be formulated, if needed, by a new TG aiming to provide a consistent update of TG-51.
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Approved Date(s)Start: 10/16/2006
End: n/a
Committee Keywords: WGTG51
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Review and Extension of beam quality conversion factors for TG-51 Protocol  [Status]
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Jeffrey Siebers
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Jeffrey V. Siebers, PhD

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