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If you are an AAPM member, it is strongly recommended that you use your AAPM login. Your UserID and password will be the same as current AAPM Username and password, and you will not have to activate your account. Please be aware that if you change your main AAPM password, your MP-RAP password will not change. Therefore, if the MP-RAP prompts you to enter a password (on the Application page, for example), you should use the MP-RAP password.

Unfortunately, if your AAPM membership is pending, you will not have an AAPM ID available to copy into MP-RAP. Please register (below) using an email address that is different than the one you used in your AAPM application. You will need to continue to use this ID for MP-RAP since we are unable to merge your AAPM ID into MP-RAP afterwards. Your other option is to wait until your AAPM membership becomes active, but we can't control that timeline.

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