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What is Medical Physics 3.0?

Redefining and Reinvigorating the Role of Physics in Modern Medicine

Medical Physics 3.0 - A Vision for the Future

Medical Physics 3.0 - A Vision for the Future Video Thumbnail

What is so incredible about being a medical physicist?

What is so incredible about being a Medical Physicist? Video Thumbnail

What are areas of clinical growth?

Broad Areas of Opportunity
Opportunities in Imaging Practice
Opportunities in Therapy Practice

What are good practices in medical physics?

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News Articles

Stepping out from behind the machines
Medical Physicists Bring New Value to Patient-Centered Care

Inspiring stories

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Optimizing Imaging Dose and Quality through Monitoring
Making Quality Control in Radiography Comprehensive
Meaningful Quality Control in Nuclear Imaging
Medical Physicists Offer Expertise and Guidance to Cancer Patients
Patient-Centered Physics
Raison D’ètre for a Medical Physicist
State of The Modality: Integrated Communication for Better Clinical Care
Watching Videos Helps Kids Avoid Anesthesia During Radiation Therapy

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