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Request for Proposals - Future AAPM Summer Schools

The AAPM Summer School Subcommittee is issuing its annual RFP for Summer School Topics. This RFP is intended for potential Summer School program directors to announce their ideas and intentions to the committee.


The annual AAPM Summer School was initiated in 1969 to satisfy the growing needs of Association members for continuing education in their field. The Summer School also provides the opportunity to obtain continuing education credits in support of maintaining certification. The AAPM Summer School has thus become a primary instrument in achieving the educational goals of the Association. Beneficial functions include:

The summer school is hosted on a college campus with the majority of Faculty and attendees staying on campus in dorms. The topics are fairly broad in scope and of general interest to our community. The Summer School is normally 3 to 5 days in length, and has typically 15-25 faculty depending on its length.

We would like to encourage you to submit proposals for our Future Summer School Programs. To submit an application click here. Please respond by November 15th, 2013.

Proposals should include the following:

  1. Type of session (General Therapy, General Imaging, Specialty)
  2. Name of proposed Program Director(s)
  3. Title
  4. Short description (maximum 250 words)
  5. Proposed duration of the school
  6. Learning objectives
  7. List of sessions
  8. Number of Faculty required
  9. Number of attendees expected
  10. Teaching facilities required
  11. Course materials required

A schedule template for a typical day can be found here. Please note your proposal is meant to serve as a suggested topic of interest, along with a recommended list of faculty. All proposals will be reviewed by the AAPM Summer School Subcommittee that will be responsible for the final selection of topic, content, organizer, and faculty. The quality of the submission is only the minimum requirement in the review process. Proposal selection will also be based on criteria such as relevance to clinical practice, and topics presented in previous years. In short, we must include overall programmatic goals when reviewing proposals.


Summer School Subcommittee