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2018 AAPM Spring Clinical Meeting (April 7–10 Las Vegas, NV) - Request for Proposals (RFP)

*New this year* the process for submitting ideas for the Spring Clinical Meeting has been streamlined. All that is required is a topic and basic description and your contact information. If you have objectives and possible speakers, those may also be included. The timing of this request for topics intentionally overlaps with the annual meeting so that any items not covered at the annual meeting can be identified for the spring meeting.

Symposia and Courses are an integral part of the AAPM Spring Clinical Meeting. Each year, symposia, panel discussions, and workshops on various practical and clinical topics provide members with excellent learning opportunities and a forum for discussion. Symposia and Courses can be clinical, educational, practical, or professional in nature (or a combination) on the following four tracks: Therapy, Diagnostic, Mammography, and Professional.

We would like to encourage you to submit ideas for the 2018 AAPM Spring Clinical Meeting (April 7–10) in Las Vegas, Nevada. To submit an application for a Symposium or Course (including SAM) click here. Please respond by August 10, 2017.

Proposals should include the following:

  1. Type of session
  2. Title
  3. General Topic Area (short paragraph; 250 words maximum)
  4. Learning Objectives
  5. Possible Speakers and/or Moderators
  6. Your Contact Information

Please note that your proposal is meant to serve as a suggested topic of interest, along with a recommended list of speakers. All proposals will be reviewed by the Spring Clinical Program Committee, who will make the final selection of topic, content, moderator, and speakers. Selection of proposals will also be based on criteria such as the theme for the 2018 meeting and topics presented in previous years. Not all proposals will be accepted, and some proposals may be combined.


2018 Spring Clinical Meeting Program Committee