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Updated Diagnostic Radiology Residents Physics Curriculum

The AAPM Imaging Physics Curricula Committee first published the Diagnostic Radiology Residents Physics Curriculum in 2009 with the curriculum itself most recently updated in December of 2015 and the questions and answers section in 2013.

The purpose of this curriculum is to outline the breadth and depth of scientific knowledge underlying the practice of diagnostic radiology that will aid a practicing radiologist in understanding the strengths and limitations of the tools in his/her practice.

This curriculum contains 15 modules covering imaging physics. The first seven modules cover basic radiation physics and biology, and the remaining eight modules utilize this base information to examine clinical applications of physics to each modality. Each module presents its content in three sections: (1) learning objectives, (2) curriculum, and (3) questions and answers.

We are pleased to announce that the Imaging Physics Curricula Committee has completed the task of updating the questions and answers section of the curriculum. Our goal was to update question content to include modern advances in the field and to reflect new regulatory requirements. Additionally, question style was updated to improve readability and to reflect a more clinical and image driven focus. We hope that both residents and educators find the document to be useful for their education. We plan to continue updating and improving the curriculum periodically.

I want to thank the Imaging Physics Curricula Committee members for their hard work on this document and congratulate them on this achievement.

The updated curriculum can be found here.

William F. Sensakovic, PhD, DABR, MRSC
Chair, Imaging Physics Curricula Committee