Since posting messages is basically what the AAPM BBS is all about, we will spend some time looking at the various options and techniques available.

Posting Basics

Starting a New Thread (see a video)

Browse to the forum where you wish to post and click the New Thread button (positioned by default at both the top and the bottom of the forum, as shown in the User Guide Introduction), which should take you to the Posting a new message screen. There are many options presented, but the two most important are the Subject field and main Message field. So enter your subject and start to type (or paste) your message into the main text area, noting that a message missing either a subject or a body will not be accepted for posting until it has both.

If you would like to attach a file to your post, check Attach file after posting, and you will be taken to an intermediary screen to attach that file.

If you're happy with your plain text message, you can then post it by clicking the Submit button and/or preview it first by clicking the Preview button.

Starting a New Poll

A poll is basically a topic with an added question and voting options, started by clicking New Poll instead of New Thread as described above. While creating the poll, you may allow or disallow multivoting (voting for more than one option).  You may also hide the results of the poll until after a vote is received. To post a poll it is necessary to fill out the Subject field and at least two of the Option fields in addition to the Subject and Message fields required by a standard topic.


Replying to a Thread (see a video)

Replying to a topic or poll is basically the same as starting a new topic, but it's not necessary to enter anything in the Subject field unless you wish to change what's already there. To vote in a poll, you simply have to select your chosen option(s) and click Submit Vote.

Quoting a Post

To reply to a post by quoting it, click the Quote button for the relevant post and add your own message to the quoted text.

Editing a Post

To edit a post, click the Edit button and make your changes. (Note that most forums are configured to show the date and time of the last edit.)

Deleting a Post

Only moderators can delete a post.


Posting Options

Attachments (see a video)

This feature allows you to attach files to your posts in much the same way as most email clients, so you simply have to browse to the relevant file(s) on your computer before clicking Submit. You can delete your attachment(s) or add more by Editing your post, but please note that files are stored in the database.  Our file space is limited - please only attach files which are relevant to a specific discussion. (Return to Starting a New Thread)


MegaBBS Code

MegaBBS Code (or MBBS Code) is the essential tool for formatting and changing the appearance of your post. You should preview your message if you need to see what it will look like when posted.

A complete MegaBBS Code reference is below.

MegaBBS Codes


While smileys can be viewed as purely whimsical in nature, they can also play a valuable role in clarifying the written word in much the same way as vocal inflections and/or facial expressions clarify the spoken word. Like most forum software, MegaBBS provides a standard range of smiley images which can be added to posts by clicking the relevant icons or typing the relevant codes. Unchecking Enable emoticons option is also provided for those occasions when you don't want typed character combinations that would normally be displayed as smileys to be converted to the expected images!

Supported MegaBBS emoticons are below.


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