The profile screen consists of a large pane, broken down into various sections that lead you through the editing options for your own profile.

To edit your own profile, start by selecting Control Panel from the main menu. You can also view (but not edit) other members' profiles by clicking on their names.

Information Available to all Members

Control Panel

Members are provided with the tools to customize their own profiles:

Edit Your Profile

Mass Subscribe/Unsubscribe to Forums

If you would like to receive email notifications when someone updates a thread/forum, the easy way would be to check off which ones you would like to watch and press "Submit".

Mass Subscribe/Unsubscribe to Forums

This will enable email notifications that resemble the following:

You are subscribed to one or more threads on the AAPM BBS.:

[username] has just posted a new message
To view this message, follow the link below

To stop recieving these e-mail, unsubscribe at your control panel

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