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2020 AM TG 203: Implanted Cardiac Devices - Dose Assessment Considerations - Dimitris Mihailidis, PhD University of Pennsylvania
2020 AM Medical Image Synthesis in Radiotherapy - Accuracy of MR-Based CT Synthesis: Impact on Radiomic Analysis - Harini Veeraraghavan Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
2001 AM TBI Commissioning - The Physics of Total Body Irradiation - James Galvin, Thomas Jefferson Univ Hospital, Philadelphia, PA

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2020 Joint AAPM|COMP Meeting (available to non-members September 2021)
2020 AAPM Spring Clinical Meetng (available to non-members June 2021)
2019 AAPM Annual Meeting |
San Antonio, TX
2019 AAPM Summer School
Nashville, TN
2019 AAPM Spring Clinical Meeting
Kissimmee, FL
2018 AAPM Annual Meeting
Nashville, TN
2018 AAPM Summer School
Nashville, TN
AAPM Workshop on Improving the Teaching and Mentoring of Medical Physics
Nashville, TN
2018 AAPM Spring Clinical Meeting
Las Vegas, NV
2017 AAPM Annual Meeting
59th Annual Meeting - Denver, CO
2017 AAPM Summer School
Portland, OR
2017 AAPM Spring Clinical Meeting
New Orleans, LA
Quality, Safety and TG100
New Orleans, LA
2016 AAPM Annual Meeting
58th Annual Meeting - Washington, DC
2016 AAPM Summer School
AAPM Summer School - Chantilly, VA
2016 AAPM Spring Clinical Meeting
Salt Lake City, UT
2015 SRS/SBRT Meeting
Detroit, MI
2015 AAPM Annual Meeting
57th Annual Meeting - Anaheim, CA
2015 AAPM Summer School
Colorado Springs, CO
2015 AAPM Spring Clinical Meeting
St. Louis, MO
2015 Incident Learning Workshop
San Diego, CA
2014 AAPM Annual Meeting
56th Annual Meeting - Austin, TX
2014 AAPM Summer School
Burlington, VT
2014 Radiation Oncology Program Accreditation Meeting - ROPA
Denver, CO
2014 AAPM Spring Clinical Meeting
Denver, CO
2013 AAPM Annual Meeting
55th Annual Meeting - Indianapolis, IN
2013 CT Dose Summit
AAPM 3rd CT Dose Summit: Strategies for Scan Parameter Optimization - Phoenix, AZ
2013 AAPM Spring Clinical Meeting
Phoenix, AZ
2013 AAPM Summer School
Colorado College, Colorado, CO
2012 AAPM Annual Meeting
54th Annual Meeting - Charlotte, NC 
2012 AAPM Spring Clinical Meeting
Dallas, TX
2012 AAPM Summer School
Medical Imaging Using Ionizing Radiation: Optimization of Dose and Image Quality - UC San Diego, San Diego, CA
2011 Joint AAPM/COMP Meeting
53rd Annual Meeting - Vancouver, BC in conjunction with the Canadian Organization of Medical Physics
2011 Spring Clinical / ACMP Meeting
Chattanooga, TN
2011 AAPM Summer School
Uncertainties in External Beam Radiotherapy - Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, BC, Canada
2010 ACMP Annual Meeting
San Antonio, TX
2010 AAPM Annual Meeting
52nd Annual Meeting - Philadelphia, PA
2010 CT Dose
Scan Parameter Optimization - Atlanta, GA
2010 Safety in Radiation Therapy
A Call to Action - Miami, FL
2010 AAPM Summer School
Teaching Medical Physics: Innovations in Learning - Philadelphia, PA
2009 AAPM Annual Meeting
51st Annual Meeting - Anaheim, California
2009 AAPM Summer School
Clinical Dosimetry Measurements in Radiotherapy - Colorado College, Colorado Springs, CO

AAPM Training Program/CRCPD Annual Meeting:

Items of Interest

Educators Day

Physics educators have a significant influence in encouraging bright and inquiring minds to investigate physics career paths. We invite educators to learn more about Medical Physics as a career option for students.

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Monographs and Proceedings are reviews of medical physics topics and are primarily the output of many of the AAPM Summer Schools. These are available for purchase from the Medical Physics Publishing Corporation.

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