2016 AAPM Annual Meeting
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Session Title: TG180: Imaging Dose During RT
Question 1: Which procedure has lowest dose?
Reference:Ding and Munro, "Radiation exposure to patients from image guidance procedures and techniques to reduce the imaging dose," Radiother Oncol, vol. 108, pp. 91-8, Jul 2013
Choice A:MV portal imaging.
Choice B:MVCT.
Choice C:kV radiograph.
Choice D:kV-CBCT.
Choice E:MV-CBCT.
Question 2: Radiation Dose-to-bone vs dose-to-soft tissue: which is true?
Reference:Ding and Coffey, "Radiation dose from kilovoltage cone beam computed tomography in an image-guided radiotherapy procedure," Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys, vol. 73, pp. 610-7, 2009.
Choice A:D bone > D soft tissue for MV.
Choice B:D bone > D soft tissue for kV.
Choice C:D bone ~ 1.5 times of D soft tissue for MV.
Choice D:D bone ~ 2-4 times of D soft tissue for kV.
Choice E:Both 1 & 2.
Question 3: Imaging dose from kilovoltage CBCT in radiation therapy can be determined accurately by:
Reference:Ding et al. “Accurate patient dosimetry of kilovoltage cone-beam CT in radiation therapy," Med Phys 35, 1135-1144 (2008)
Choice A:Monte Carlo Techniques.
Choice B:Commercial model-based treatment planning systems.
Choice C:Dose-Area Product meters.
Choice D:Referring to manufacturer manuals.
Question 4: What is a typical MV-CBCT dose to isocenter for a pelvic cancer patient?
Reference:Miften et al, Med Phys 34, 3760-3767 (2007)
Choice A:0.01 cGy
Choice B:0.1 cGy
Choice C:1 cGy
Choice D:10 cGy
Question 5: Accounting of kilovoltage imaging dose in treatment planning:
Reference:Alaei and Spezi, “Imaging dose from cone beam computed tomography in radiation therapy”, Phys. Medica 31, 647-658 (2015)
Choice A:Is only possible in one treatment planning system.
Choice B:Is necessary for all imaging techniques and protocols.
Choice C:May be warranted if a high dose imaging protocol is employed.
Choice D:None of the above.
Question 6: What is the expected MVCT (TomoTherapy) dose range?
Reference:Meeks et al, Med Phys 32, 2673-81 (2005)
Choice A:0.03 – 0.1 cGy
Choice B:0.3 – 1 cGy
Choice C:3 – 10 cGy
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