2016 AAPM Annual Meeting
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Session Title: An Introduction to Research and Clinical Development Using Treatment Planning System APIs
Question 1: As demonstrated by the Therac 25 software failures, which is NOT a likely reason for the incidents:
Reference:Leveson, N. G., & Turner, C. S. (1993). An investigation of the Therac-25 accidents. Computer, 26(7), 18-41.
Choice A:Strange error messages which users didn’t understand.
Choice B:Insufficient documentation.
Choice C:Software unit testing was minimal.
Choice D:Code that compiled with errors was used in production.
Question 2: Which of the following is the best name for a variable describing the position of the gantry?
Choice A:G.
Choice B:gantryAngle.
Choice C:Gant ang
Choice D:gAng
Choice E:floatGantry
Question 3: Which of these cannot be recorded in a Pinnacle script:
Reference:Philips Healthcare. Chapter 9.
Choice A:Beam Naming.
Choice B:Add an optimization objective.
Choice C:Adding a DVH curve.
Choice D:Drawing a contour.
Question 4: What sequence indicates a comment in a Pinnacle script?
Reference:Sean Geoghegan - Scripting on the Pinnacle3 Treatment Planning System, electronically available at http://medphysfiles.com/index.php?name=Downloads&file=details&id=36
Choice A:#
Choice B://
Choice C:"
Choice D:!
Question 5: What can the Eclipse Scripting API currently NOT do clinically?
Reference:Olsen, L. A., Robinson, C. G., He, G. R., Wooten, H. O., Yaddanapudi, S., Mutic, S., ... & Moore, K. L. (2014). Automated radiation therapy treatment plan workflow using a commercial application programming interface.Practical radiation oncology, 4(6), 358-367.
Choice A:Extract DVH information for treatment plans.
Choice B:Be used in stand-alone applications which run outside of the treatment planning system software.
Choice C:Add or modify optimization structures to a plan prior to optimization.
Choice D:Retrieve patient treatment plan parameters after a plan is marked with “completed” status.
Question 6: Scripting in RayStation is done in a language most similar to:
Reference:RayStation. 2015. Scripting in RayStation. Whitepaper. Version 2015-08-05. http://www.raysearchlabs.com/globalassets/about-overview/media-center/wp-re-ev-n-pdfs/white-papers/white-paper-5---scripting-aug-2015.pdf
Choice B:Python
Choice C:Linux Bash
Choice D:C++
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