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43rd Annual Meeting of
the American Association of Physicists in Medicine
July 22-26, 2001 Salt Lake City, Utah

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Sunday, July 22, 2001 Session Information

Poster Session
Therapy Posters: Calculations, Planning, MC, Stereotactic, Others
Sunday 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM Room: Exhibit Hall C
SU-FF-EXH C-1 Commissioning Electron Beams for the Pencil-Beam Redefinition Algorithm Using a Dual-Source Model - R. Boyd*, K. Hogstrom
SU-FF-EXH C-2 Estimated Absorbed-Dose Ratios "TG51/TG21" for Most Commonly Used Cylindrical and Parallel-Plate Ion Chambers Over a Range of Photon and Electron Energies - R. Tailor*, W. Hanson
SU-FF-EXH C-3 A Reanalysis of the Collaborative Ocular Melanoma Study Medium Tumor Trial Eye Plaque Dosimetry - A. Krintz*, D. Followill, M. Melia, W. Hanson
SU-FF-EXH C-4 Secondary Calculation for Reviewing MU From ADAC Treatment Planning System - K. Ayyangar*, C. Saw, D. Gearheart , B. Shen, R. Thompson
SU-FF-EXH C-5 Analytical Representation of Enhanced Dynamic Wedge Factors for Symmetric and Asymmetric Photon Fields - M. Yu*
SU-FF-EXH C-6 Central Axis Scatter Attenuation and Buildup for Megavoltage Beams: An Analytical Description for a Wide Range of Geometries with Parameters Only Dependent On Beam Quality - R. Mooij*
SU-FF-EXH C-7 Off-Axis Wedge Factors for the Enhanced Dynamic Wedge - J. DeWyngaert, S. Brownie*
SU-FF-EXH C-8 Verification of a Commercial Photon Dose Calculation Algorithm - K. Gifford*, G. Starkschall, H. Liu
SU-FF-EXH C-9 A Java Monitor Unit Calculator - J. McGary*
SU-FF-EXH C-10 Patient Pharmacokinetics of An Iodine-123-Labeled Anti-CEA Chimeric T84.66 F(ab')2 Antibody Fragment - A. Liu*, L. Williams, J. Wong, A. Anderson, A. Raubitschek
SU-FF-EXH C-11 Monitor Unit Calculations Formalism for Wedged Asymmetric Photon Fields in Clinical Practice - D. Mihailidis*
SU-FF-EXH C-12 Clinical Implementation of Computational Monitor Units for Clarkson Algorithm - A. Schlocker*, J. Dawson
SU-FF-EXH C-13 Determination of Complete Orthogonal Wedge Monitor Factor Tables From Single Orientation Measurements - R. Popple*, I. Brezovich, P. Pareek, J. Duan, S. Shen
SU-FF-EXH C-14 In-Air Profiles of Megavoltage Photon Beams - T. Zhu*, A. Saini, B. Bjarngard, C. Liu, R. Maughan, A. Dimofte
SU-FF-EXH C-15 Experimental Investigation of the Implementation of Fermi-Eyges-Hogstrom Electron Beam Model On the Pinnacle-3 System at Extended SSDs - R. Sanford*, M. Al-Ghazi
SU-FF-EXH C-16 Irregular Shaped Electron Point Dose Calculation Algorithm - B. Yi*, B. Cho, S. Ahn, E. Choi, J. Kim, H. Chang
SU-FF-EXH C-17 MU Calculation for the Enhanced Dynamic Wedge Fields at Off-Axis Points - C. Liu*, S. Kim, J. Palta
SU-FF-EXH C-18 Correction of Surface Dose Artifacts in Convolution Models of Geometric Uncertainties - T. Craig, J. Battista, J. Van Dyk*
SU-FF-EXH C-19 Comparison of A Same-Patient Supine Plus Prone Boost 3D-CRT With Full Course Supine Or Prone 3D Treatment Plans - L. Tao*, A. Kalend, S. Rakfal, A. Wu
SU-FF-EXH C-20 A Three-Dimensional Digitization System for Conventional Radiation Therapy Simulation - H. Lu*
SU-FF-EXH C-21 Determination of the Phase Space of 6 MV / 18 MV Photon Beams - W. Ulmer*, W. Kaissl
SU-FF-EXH C-22 Inhomogeneity Correction in Radiotherapy Treatment Planning - a Systematic Study - F. Yin, J. Zhu, J. Kim, H. Guan*
SU-FF-EXH C-23 Reproducibility of Internal Target Positions for Breath-Held Conformal External-Beam Radiotherapy - W. O'Dell*, C. Maurer, Jr., M. Schell, A. Sandhu, P. Okunieff
SU-FF-EXH C-24 Improvement of the Conventional Treatment Plan Via Automation of the Process - D. Michalski*, Y. Xiao, Y. Censor, J. Galvin, G. Bednarz
SU-FF-EXH C-25 Effect of the Lung Inhomogeneity Correction in Breast Irradiation Using Various Algorithms - L. Wang*, A. Kassaee, G. Desobry, L. Solin
SU-FF-EXH C-26 Comparing Dose Distributions in Lung Cancer Treatment Planning Between the Collapsed-Cone Algorithm and a Monte Carlo Method - L. Wang*, G. Desobry, A. Kassaee, T. Zhu, S. Jang, R. Maughan
SU-FF-EXH C-27 Monte Carlo Simulation of Dynamic MLC Using a Multiple Source Model - M. Fix, P. Manser*, E. Born, R. Mini, P. Rüegsegger
SU-FF-EXH C-28 A Comparison of Monte Carlo Simulated Electron Percentage Depth Doses to Those Measured with Four Ionization Chambers - P. Mobit*, G. Sandison
SU-FF-EXH C-29 Implementation of An Internal Source Model in the PEREGRINE System for Targeted Radionuclides Therapy - M. Descalle*, T. Daly, D. Garrett, R. House , C. Hartmann Siantar, D. Jong, R. Walling
SU-FF-EXH C-30 Evaluation of a Clinical Monte Carlo Dose Calculation Code based On the ICCR Benchmark Test - M. Fippel*, F. Nuesslin
SU-FF-EXH C-31 Hypofractionated Stereotactic Body Radiosurgery(HBR) As Treatment of Primary Pancreas Cancers - G. Qian*, G. Lederman, P. Silverman, I. Grosman, J. Lowry, L. Wang, T. Costantino, L. Cangiane, F. Volpicella
SU-FF-EXH C-32 Fractionated Stereotactic Radiosurgery (FSR) for Acoustic Neuroma (AN) - G. Qian*, G. Lederman, J. Lowry, S. Wertheim, M. Fine, M. Raden, P. Silverman, D. Bockowski, S. Pannullo
SU-FF-EXH C-33 Treatment Plan Comparisons for Gamma Knife and Novalis Radiosurgery - M. Schell*, D. Rosenzweig, C. Thomason, R. Ananthamoorthy
SU-FF-EXH C-34 Comparison of Varian Multileaf Collimation with Different Number of Leaves for Varian and ADAC 3D Treatment Planning System Field Shapers for Clinically Irregular Shaped Fields - D. Odero*, A. Rashid, L. Myers
SU-FF-EXH C-35 Pencil Beam Vs. Clarkson-Type Dose Algorithms Using a Micromultileaf Collimator for Steriotatic Radiosurgery - D. Odero*, A. Rashid, L. Shidong
SU-FF-EXH C-36 Beam Arc Setup Dependence of Dose Distribution in Multi-Arc Stereotactic Radiosurgery - J. Zhu*, F. Yin, J. Kim
SU-FF-EXH C-37 Helmet Factor and Timer Error Measurements for the Leksell Gamma Knife - J. Bond*
SU-FF-EXH C-38 Dosimetric Study of Enhanced Dynamic Wedges Prior to Clinical Implementation Into the Treatment Planning System - M. Ahmad, J. Bond*, R. Nath, F. Verhaegen, H. Liu
SU-FF-EXH C-39 Dosimetry Comparison of Arc-Dynamic and Static-Field SRS Treatment with Micro-MLC - X. Ren*
SU-FF-EXH C-40 Dosimetric Verification of An Extracranial Stereotactic Radiosurgery System - R. McDonald*, C. Nelson, J. Dawson, W. Kopecky
SU-FF-EXH C-41 Comparison of Conformal Arc with Circular Arc Treatment Planning for Steriotactic Radiotherapy - A. Rashid*, D. Odero, S. Li
SU-FF-EXH C-42 Improvement of Patient Positioning in a Thermoplastic Mask Using a Bite Block - J. Ahlswede*, B. Sommer, D. Scheffler, M. Pfaender, R. Wurm
SU-FF-EXH C-43 Realization of Clinically Feasible Stereotactic Body Radiosurgery - L. Papiez*, R. Timmerman, C. Desrosiers, M. Williams
SU-FF-EXH C-44 Dosimetric Characteristics of Novalis Shaped Beam Surgery Unit - F. Yin*, J. Zhu, H. Guan, R. Hammoud, J. Kim
SU-FF-EXH C-45 Dosimetrical Measurement and Registration of a High Definition Multi-Leaf Collimator Treatment - J. Wu*, Z. Wang, C. Sibata
SU-FF-EXH C-46 Comparison of Multileaf-Collimated and Alloy-Blocked Fields - M. Quader*
SU-FF-EXH C-47 Construction of Treatment-Viewing Arrangements for Intraoperative Radiation Therapy Fields - C. Kim*, C. Kim, M. Choi, D. Yang, T. Kim, W. Yoon
SU-FF-EXH C-48 Method to QA 3-D Treatment Planning Systems - R. Watts*
SU-FF-EXH C-49 MRI Guided Radiotherapy: MRI as Position Verification System - J. Lagendijk*, C. Bakker
SU-FF-EXH C-50 Modelling Photon Beam Off-Axis Energy Softening for Monte Carlodose Calculation - M. Fippel*, F. Haryanto, F. Nuesslin