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43rd Annual Meeting of
the American Association of Physicists in Medicine
July 22-26, 2001 Salt Lake City, Utah

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Sunday, July 22, 2001 Session Information

Poster Session
Therapy Posters: Calibration, QA, Instrumentation, Imaging, Others
Sunday 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM Room: Exhibit Hall C
SU-II-EXH C-1 A Standard Method of Quality Assurance for Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy of the Prostate - D. Radford*, D. Followill, W. Hanson
SU-II-EXH C-2 A New MLC Test Pattern for Automated Image Based Quality Assurance - R. Wlodarczyk*, K. Welsh, L. Reinstein
SU-II-EXH C-3 Standard Wedge and Tray Transmission Values for Varian, Seimens, Elekta/Philips Accelerators; A Quality Assurance Tool - D. Followill*, N. Hernandez, W. Hanson
SU-II-EXH C-4 Verification of Treatment Planning Dose Calculations for Small Electron Fields and Small Anatomical Structures - L. Weinstein*, S. Chiu-Tsao, R. Woode, T. Duckworth, A. Shih, L. Harrison
SU-II-EXH C-5 Problems and Shortcomings of the RPC Remote Monitoring Program of Institutions Dosimetry Data - J. BenComo*, N. Hernandez, W. Hanson
SU-II-EXH C-6 Experimental Determination of Fluence Correction Factors at TG-51 Recommended Reference Depth Dref for Farmer Type and Plane-Parallel Ionization Chambers in Clinical Electron Beams - H. Song*, M. Huq
SU-II-EXH C-7 Benchmark Verification for Megavoltage Photon Beams - G. Desobry*, T. Zhu, B. Bjarngard, J. McDonough
SU-II-EXH C-8 Misalignment of Electron and Light Fields at Off-Axis Positions - E. Lief*, T. LoSasso
SU-II-EXH C-9 Fluence and Wall Correction Factors for Parallel-Plate Ionization Chambers for Electron Beam Calibrations in the TG 51 Protocol - C. Reft*
SU-II-EXH C-10 Calibration Factors for Parallel-Plate Ionization Chambers at Dmax Following the TG 51 Protocol - C. Reft*
SU-II-EXH C-11 Film Dosimetry of Mixed Beams - L. Leybovich*, N. Dogan, A. Sethi
SU-II-EXH C-12 Practical IMRT Quality Assurance for Community Based Radiation Therapy Departments - C. Ramsey*, D. Chase
SU-II-EXH C-13 Dose Response Characteristics of An A-Si Flat-Panel Portal Imager - L. Santanam*, F. Van den Heuvel
SU-II-EXH C-14 Polymer Gel Dosimeter Verification of Junction Doses in Head and Neck Radiotherapy - S. Bäck, N. Menzies, P. Jayasekera, M. Lepage, P. Back, C. Baldock*
SU-II-EXH C-15 Calibration of New HDR Ir-192 Sources - L. DeWerd, K. Stump*, J. Micka
SU-II-EXH C-16 Electron Calibrations: Parallel Plate Chambers Vs. Cylindrical Chambers Using TG-51 - J. Lowenstein, P. Balter*, W. Hanson
SU-II-EXH C-17 Quality Control and Assurance for Prostate Brachytherapy Seed Calibration at The National Institute of Standards and Technology - P. Lamperti*, M. Mitch, S. Seltzer, B. Coursey
SU-II-EXH C-18 Elastic Registration Incorporating Prior Knowledge of Segmentation and Points Mapping - W. Lu*, M. Chen, H. Keller, G. Olivera, T. Mackie
SU-II-EXH C-19 Monte Carlo Characterization of a Highly Efficient Photon Detector for Megavoltage Imaging - H. Keller*, M. Glass, R. Hinderer, R. Jeraj, G. Olivera, R. Mackie
SU-II-EXH C-20 Automatic Skin and Chest-Wall Edge Identification in Breast Portal Images Using PTGs Trained by AHK I - J. Kim*, F. Yin, M. Ajlouni, Y. Zhao, J. Kim
SU-II-EXH C-21 Assessment of Geometrical Accuracy of Magnetic Resonance Images for Radiation Therapy of Lung Cancers - N. Koch*, H. Liu, L. Olsson, E. Jackson
SU-II-EXH C-22 Routine Clinical Use of EPIDs for Off-Line Setup Correction During Conformal Prostate Treatments - G. Pang*, K. Mah, V. Chhin, G. Morton
SU-II-EXH C-23 Automatic Detection of Radioopaque Markers for Prostate Targeting Using Electronic Portal Imaging Devices - S. Pouliot*, A. Zaccarin, J. Pouliot
SU-II-EXH C-24 CT/MR Volume Averaging Effects in Treatment Planning - R. Ramaseshan*, R. Heaton, E. Gutierrez, H. Alasti, B. Norrlinger, M. Islam
SU-II-EXH C-25 Initial Experience with the Lumisys ACR-2000 Computed Radiography System for Digital Simulation Imaging, Portal Imaging, and Verification of IMRT Treatments - E. Henderson*, H. Alasti
SU-II-EXH C-26 A Comparative Study of Methods for the Registration of Portal and Simulator Images Using Landmarks - J. Lee*
SU-II-EXH C-27 An Internet Based REAL-Time RT-PACs System for Sharing DICOM-RT Objects: Implementation for Quality Assurance Centers - V. Frouhar*, J. Palta
SU-II-EXH C-28 The Use of An Image Guided System for Verification of Patient Repositioning in a Mask System - J. Ahlswede*, D. Scheffler, B. Sommer, M. Pfaender, R. Wurm
SU-II-EXH C-29 Simple Quantitative QA of Amorphous Silicon EPID Image Quality - C. Hagness*, J. Kruse, M. Herman
SU-II-EXH C-30 Clinical Implementation of Automated Image Registration Using Subregion Matching - S. Samant*, J. Wu
SU-II-EXH C-31 Tumor Characteristics Obtained Using FDG-PET Imaging in Lung Cancer and New Strategies for 3D Radiotherapy - S. Jang*, M. Yun, J. McDonough, T. Zhu, M. Machtay, A. Alavi, R. Maughan
SU-II-EXH C-32 Tumor Characteristics Obtained Using FDG-PET Imaging in Lymphoma for 3D Radiation Therapy - S. Jang*, M. Yun, A. Kassaee, A. Alavi, R. Maughan
SU-II-EXH C-33 Three Dimensional Multi Modality Contouring - A. Kotte*, G. Bol, J. Lagendijk
SU-II-EXH C-34 Computer-Assisted Simulator-Portal Image Registration - R. Popple*, R. Stafford, G. Starkschall
SU-II-EXH C-35 Clinical Use of An A-Si Flat Panel for Megavoltage Portal Imaging at UCSF - J. Pouliot*, M. Aubin, C. Chuang, B. Pickett, M. Roach, L. Verhey
SU-II-EXH C-36 Automated Image Registration Using Subregion Matching and a Pattern Classifier - J. Wu*, S. Samant
SU-II-EXH C-37 Application of Digital Computed Radiography in Dosimetric Verification of HD-MLC Treatment Fields - Z. Wang*, Q. Wu, C. Sibata
SU-II-EXH C-38 Verification of Daily Prostate Positioning Using Ultrasound Guidance and Implanted Gold Markers Registered Using Flat-Panel Portal Imaging - F. Van den Heuvel*, Y. Wang, J. Forman
SU-II-EXH C-39 Preliminary Results of Organ Motion During Instructed Breath-Hold in Gated Radiotherapy - H. Kubo*, L. Wang
SU-II-EXH C-40 Three-Dimensional Ultrasound Image Guided Patient Positioning Based On Stereotactic 2D-Ultrasound Imaging - L. Bouchet*, S. Meeks, F. Bova, J. Buatti, W. Friedman
SU-II-EXH C-41 Chasing Lung Lesions with the Cyberknife - R. Rodebaugh*, R. Crownover, M. Meziane, T. Rice, R. Graham, A. Mehta, M. Bodduluri, G. Glosser, J. Wang, Q. Chen, R. Macklis, M. Weinhous
SU-II-EXH C-42 Respiratory Gated Radiation Therapy with Active Breathing Control - J. Wong*, D. Jaffray, J. Siewerdsen, M. Sharpe
SU-II-EXH C-43 Monomer Diffusion in BANG Polymer Gel During Irradation: A Theoretical Study - Y. Watanabe*
SU-II-EXH C-44 A New Type of GafChromic Film for Dosimetry of An HDR Ir-192 Brachytherapy Source - L. Wang*, S. Chiu-Tsao, T. Duckworth, A. Shih, M. Chadha, L. Harrison
SU-II-EXH C-45 FT-Raman Spectroscopy of Polyacrylamide Gels: Effects of Crosslinker Fraction On Dose Response - A. Jirasek*, C. Duzenli
SU-II-EXH C-46 Breast Skin And Inframmammary Fold Doses Measured By MOSFET In Conventional And IMRT Fields - L. Tao*, A. Kalend, S. Rakfal, A. Wu
SU-II-EXH C-47 Study of the Luminescence From An Imaging Plate - J. Gilligan, A. Gonzalez*, A. Werdich, D. Duggan, N. Tolk, C. Coffey, G. Shearer
SU-II-EXH C-48 Influence of Buildup Thickness to the Field Size Dependence of Diode Detectors and Correlation with the SSD Dependence - J. Shi*, W. Simon, L. Ding
SU-II-EXH C-49 PC-Based Remote Treatment Planning Using the NIH-NGI Network and Net.Work.Maryland - L. Myers*, J. Lombardo, R. Gaudette, W. Loschen, D. White, R. Wojcik, J. Dicello