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43rd Annual Meeting of
the American Association of Physicists in Medicine
July 22-26, 2001 Salt Lake City, Utah

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Wednesday, July 25, 2001 Session Information

Scientific Session
Therapy - Treatment Delivery Systems
Wednesday 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM Room: 150 A

Chair 1: Dennis D. Leavitt, Univ Utah School of Medicine, Salt Lake City UT

Chair 2: Chang-Ming Charlie Ma, Stanford Univ, Stanford, CA, US

10:00 AM
Electron Beam Modulation Using Magnetic Fields for Radiation Therapy - C. Ma*, T. Pawlicki, M. Lee, S. Jiang, J. Li, J. Deng, T. Guerrero, A. Boyer
10:10 AM
Implementation of the Siemens HDI Technique On a 3D Treatment Planning System - J. Xue*, J. Wu, Z. Wang, C. Sibata
10:20 AM
Characterization of Helical Electron Beams for Radiotherapy: A Monte Carlo Study - M. Earl*, L. Ma
10:30 AM
Mechanical Modeling of the Changes of Pelvic Organ Equilibrium Due to Use of An Endorectal Balloon for Prostate Immobilization - T. Teslow*, M. Vlachaki, S. Ahmad
10:40 AM
Virtual and Physical Wedge Factors: Contributions of Head and Phantom Scatters - X. Zhu*, P. Jursinic, K. Albano, D. Grimm, F. Lopez, J. Rownd, M. Gillin
10:50 AM
Implementation of Enhanced Dynamic Wedge Using Dynamic Multileaf Collimation - D. Leavitt*, J. Moeller, J. Rankin
11:00 AM
Potential Application of Transverse Magnetic Field in X-Ray Therapy - J. Chu*, W. Hsi, L. Reiffel
11:10 AM
Dose Characteristics of Clinical Electron and Photon Radiotherapy Beams Confined by Longitudinal Magnetic Fields - D. Litzenberg*, B. Fraass, D. Mcshan, I. Chetty, T. O'Donnell, D. Roberts, F. Becchetti, A. Bielajew, J. Moran
11:20 AM
Multileaf Collimator Leaf Intrusion. Is There An Optimum Value? - M. Welch*
11:30 AM
Improvement of Dose Uniformity of the Intraoperative Radiation Therapy Cones - C. Kim*, C. Kim, M. Choi, D. Yang, T. Kim, W. Yoon
11:40 AM
Evaluation of Dosimetric Characteristics of a Virtual Micro-Multileaf Collimator - Siemens HD270 MLC - R. Mitra*, D. Mah, I. Das, E. Horwitz, G. Hanks
11:50 AM
Evaluation of Novalis ExacTrac Patient Positioning System and Application to Treatment of Lung and Liver Lesions. - M. Schell*, C. Maurer, W. O'Dell, T. Rohlfing, R. Ananthamoorthy, A. Sandhu, P. Okunieff