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43rd Annual Meeting of
the American Association of Physicists in Medicine
July 22-26, 2001 Salt Lake City, Utah

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Wednesday, July 25, 2001 Session Information

Scientific Session
Diagnostic - Radiation Safety
Wednesday 1:30 PM - 3:20 PM Room: 250 D

Chair 1: Mitchell M. Goodsitt, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

1:30 PM
The Effectiveness of Lead Aprons for Radiation Protection in Nuclear Medicine - S. White*, E. Gingold, M. Yester
1:45 PM
Patient Skin Dose in Fluoroscopically-Guided Cardiac Catheter Ablation as Measured by a Portal Film Technique - H. Kuan*, V. Dignam, T. Leonard, M. Dabbe, F. Mazzola, J. Dell'Orfano, S. Vlay, R. Pachulski
2:00 PM
By How Much Does Summing Skin Doses From Multiple Projections Overestimate the Risk in Cardiac Imaging? - W. Huda*, K. Ogden, K. Phadke, E. Bertrand, M. Roskopf
2:15 PM
Risks From Diagnostic X-Rays - A. Norman*, S. Cochran, J. Sayre
2:30 PM
Trabecular Bone Dosimetry: The Role of Marrow Cellularity and Bone Site Variations - P. Patton*, D. Rajon, D. Jokisch, A. Shah, W. Bolch
2:45 PM
Development of a Window-Based Shielding Computation Program for a Multi-Slice CT Scanner - J. Satti*, L. Xing, M. Qurashi, M. Goodsitt
3:00 PM
Fetal Radiation Dose to Patients and Staff in Diagnostic Radiology - J. Darko*, E. Osei, K. Faulkner, J. Kotre
3:15 PM
Vertebroplasty: Radiation Dose and Imaging Considerations - B. Schueler*, J. Taubel, M. Bruesewitz, T. Maus, K. Thielen, J. Wald