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Participating Exhibitors
 Chicago 2000 World Congress
AAPM Placement Service
Academic Press
Academy of Radiology Research
Accelerator Systems Intl- JM Co
Acceletronics, Inc.
ADAC Laboratories
Advance Newsmagazine
Advanced Medical Publishing
Advanced Radiation Measurements, Inc
Alpha-Omega Services, Inc.
American Board of Radiology
American College of Medical Physics
American College of Radiology
American Institute of Physics
Annual Reviews
Argus Software, Inc.
Arizona State University
Atomic Industries Int'l.
ATS Laboratories
Bard Urological Division
Best Medical International
Bicron Radiation Measurement Products
Biomedical Engineering Society
Burdette Medical Systems
Capintec, Inc.
Cleveland Medical Devices Inc.
CNMC Company, Inc.
Computerized Imaging Ref Systems, Inc
Computerized Medical Systems, Inc.
Computerized Radiation Scanners Inc
Cook Incorporated
Cordis a Johnson & Johnson Co.
CRC Press, Inc.
Dartin Medical Systems Canada
Diacor, Inc.
Eastman Kodak Company
EIC, Inc.
Elsevier Science, Inc.
Faxitron X-Ray Corp
Frank Barker Associates, Inc.
Gammex, Inc.
GBA, Inc.
Harcourt Health Sciences
Huestis Medical
IBt, Inc.
ICN Worldwide Dosimetry Service
Imagyn Brachytherapy
IMPAC Medical Systems, Inc.
Implant Sciences Corporation
Indigo Medical, Inc.
Inovision Radiation Measurements
Instrumentarium Imaging, Inc.
International Specialty Products
IOP Publishing
iWorx/CB Sciences, Inc.
James L. Davis, Inc.
K & S Associates, Inc.
Landauer, Inc.
LAP of America  L.C.
Laurin Publishing Company, Inc
Lifeline Software, Inc.
Linac Systems, Inc.
Lone Star Lead Construction
Mallinckrodt, Inc.
Marconi Applied Technologies Inc.
Marconi Medical Systems
MDS Nordion
Medical Equipment Refinishing Systems,
Medical Imaging
Medical Physics Publishing
Medical Radiation Devices
MGS Research, Inc.
Mick Radio Nuclear Instruments
Multidata Systems International Corp
Neutron Products Inc.
NOMOS Corporation
North American Scientific, Inc
Novoste Corp
Nuclear Shielding Supplies & Service
Nucletron Corporation
Oncology Data Systems
Optimal Imaging Systems
Optivus Technology, Inc.
Orfit Industries
Pantak, Inc.
Peak Performance Technologies Inc.
PerMedics, Inc.
Precise Therapeutics
Prostate Services of America, Inc.
Prowess Systems / SSGI
PTW - New York
Radcal Corporation
Radiation Products Design Inc.
Radiation Therapy Products
Radiological Imaging Tech. Inc
Radionics, Inc.
RAHD Oncology Products
Real Time Visualization - Mitsubishi
Research Systems, Inc.
Rosses Medical
RTek Medical Systems
S & S Par Scientific Inc
Salt Lake Convention & Visitors Bureau
Sandstrom Trade & Technology
Scanditronix Wellhofer North America
Schuster med.Systeme
Scientific Consultant Insurance Srvcs
Seabury & Smith, Inc.
Siemens Medical Systems - OCS
Springer-Verlag New York, Inc.
Standard Imaging, Inc.
Sun Nuclear Corporation
Syncor Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Technical Options of Georgia
The Barbara Walters Co., Inc.
The Phantom Laboratory, Inc.
Theragenics Corporation
TheraView Technology
Thermo Eberline
Thomson & Nielsen Elec. Ltd.
Unfors Instruments
Uniforce, Inc.
Univ Wisconsin
URDC, Inc.
UroCor Inc.
UroMed Corporation
UT M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
Varian Medical Systems
Varian Medical Systems/GE Medical
Wolfram Research
Worldwide Medical Technologies
X-Raytherapy.com Incorporated

For further information about Chicago 2000 Exhibits, please contact
Lisa Rose Sullivan