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44th Annual Meeting of
the American Association of Physicists in Medicine

Audio Visual Guidelines for Oral Presentations

For the 44th AAPM Annual Meeting, each scientific session room will be equipped with:

  • One digital projection system for single projection of Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations.
35mm slide projectors, overhead projectors and TV/VCR displays will NOT be provided.

Speaker Ready Room - Room 513 - A

The Speaker Ready Room at the Palais des Congrès de Montréal Convention Center is located in Room 513-A.

It will be equipped with the necessary equipment to review Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations. Personnel staff will be available to assist you with the viewing or testing of your presentation.

Hours of Operation

Saturday, July 13 - Wednesday, July 17: 7:00 am - 6:00 pm

Thursday, July 18: 7:00 am - 12:30 pm

For your Microsoft PowerPoint presentation

Presenters WILL NOT be permitted to hook a laptop to the digital projector.

Presenters must bring their Microsoft PowerPoint presentation on PC formatted media to the meeting, as described below.

    If attending the meeting for the entire week:

    • The DAY PRIOR to your presentation - Please bring your CD, 3.5" disk, ZIP100 or 250 to Speaker Ready Room 513-A the day before your session during the same hour as your scheduled presentation to load the file into the presentation library and test your presentation. We recommend visiting the same hour as your talk to reduce the number of people in the Speaker Ready Room at any given time and to allow for each presenter to have ample opportunity to speak with a technician if necessary. All presentations loaded into the library will be transferred to the PC in the room where the presentation will be held. Librarians and technicians will be on duty in the Speaker Ready Room to assist you with checking your talk and depositing your file into the library. The support staff will not assist with the editing of files.

    • The day of your presentation - Please bring your CD, 3.5" disk, or ZIP100 or 250 media with you to the presentation room as a backup in case of emergency.

    If attending the meeting only for the day of your presentation:

    • You must visit Speaker Ready Room 513-A to load your presentation on server and to test your presentation.

    • As a backup, take your CD, 3.5" disk, ZIP100 or 250 media to the presentation room.

    • PLEASE BE ADVISED, you will be responsible for loading your presentation onto the digital computer system. No technician will be available to assist with this process. The technician will only be responsible for assisting with the loading of slide presentations.

    • PLEASE BE ADVISED, Session Chairs have been instructed to keep the session on schedule. If you opt NOT to test your presentation in the Speaker Ready Room and load it onto a ZIP disk and there is a problem with the file that you have hand carried to the meeting, you will be asked to either give your talk without the computer presentation or withdraw your talk altogether.

Plan your PowerPoint Presentation to be presented on a PC with the following configuration

Pentium III 800/ 128 MB RAM / 4.3 GB Hard Drive / Sound Blaster 64 Sound

Windows 98,Office 2000, Microsoft Media Player (MPG, AVI), Apple Quicktime, Adobe Acrobat Reader

Miscellaneous Information

- There are known Mac to PC conversion issues with embedded movies in PowerPoint presentations.  For details see:


- No network access will be available from the presentation rooms.

- At the end of each day, the presentations for that day will be deleted from the presentation room PCs and the library and will not be retrievable by presenters.

- No one other than the presenter will have access to the presentation file once it is checked into the library.

Please send an email to woodward@aapm.org if you have a question about the configuration of the presentation PC, or if you have needs that exceed the standard machine configuration.  All requests will be handled on a case-by-case basis.