AAPM 5K Fun Run 2002

What to expect during the fun run!

Fig_001.jpg Fig_002.jpg Fig_003.jpg Fig_004.jpg
Beaver Lake Starting Point In the woods! View on Beaver Lake
Fig_005.jpg Fig_006.jpg Fig_007.jpg Fig_008.jpg
View on Beaver Lake This is not a beaver Here we go left And here we go straight
Fig_009.jpg Fig_010.jpg Fig_011.jpg Fig_012.jpg
Straight again View to the North This is a 5 km run! Run Run!
Fig_013.jpg Fig_014.jpg Fig_015.jpg Fig_016.jpg
View to the North-East View to St. Joseph Oratory Turn right Turn left
Fig_017.jpg Fig_018.jpg Fig_019.jpg Fig_020.jpg
The Belvedere entrance View from the Belvedere (South) South view again South East view
Fig_021.jpg Fig_022.jpg
Leaving the Belvedere Try to catch her!

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