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44th AAPM Annual Meeting Logo
July 14 - 18, 2002
Palais des Congrès de Montréal
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Sunday, July 14, 2002 Session Information
AAPM Young Investigators Symposium
Sunday 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM Room: 517 A

Moderator: Mary Martel, Univ Chicago, Chicago, IL

11:00 AM
Mechanism of Sensitivity Reduction in A-Se Flat Panel Imagers - T. Stanescu*, S. Steciw, C. Schroeder, S. Rathee, G. Fallone
11:12 AM
A Dosimetric Evaluation of Respiratory Gated IMRT - G. Hugo*, N. Agazaryan, T. Solberg
11:24 AM
Dosimetric Verification of IMRT Fields Using An Amorphous Silicon Flat Panel Imager and Monte Carlo Simulation - J. Kim*, J. Siebers, P. Keall
11:36 AM
In-Vivo Diffuse Reflectance Measurement of Optical Properties in Human Tissues Before and After Photodynamic Therapy - H. Wang*, T. Zhu, M. Solonenko, S. Hahn, J. Metz, A. Dimofte, J. Miles, A. Yodh
11:48 AM
Effects of Molecular Self-Diffusion of Water On Quantitative MRI Measurements in High-Resolution Polymer Gel Dosimetry for Intravascular Brachytherapy - C. Hurley*, Y. De Deene, J. Pope, C. Baldock
12:00 PM
An Investigation of Deliverability Complexity in Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy - N. Agazaryan*, T. Solberg, J. Llacer
12:12 PM
Functional CT with a Conventional Scanner to Measure Regional Lung Perfusion - P. Basran*, I. Kay, D. Spencer
12:24 PM
Imaging Bone Mineralization Using Coherently Scattered X Rays - D. Batchelar*, I. Cunningham
12:36 PM
Retrospective Cardiac Gating for Three-Dimensional (3D) Intravascular Ultrasound (IVUS) Imaging Using An Image-Based Technique - S. Nadkarni*, D. Boughner, A. Fenster
12:48 PM
3D Ultrasound-Guided Breast Biopsy: System Configuration and Evaluation - W. Smith*, K. Surry, D. Downey, A. Fenster


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