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44th AAPM Annual Meeting Logo
July 14 - 18, 2002
Palais des Congrès de Montréal
Exhibitor Space Information
Exhibit Space Prices

Please be advised, space prices have increased in 2002.

Booth Style Booth Size No. of 10 x 10s No. of Comp Registrations Price
Basic 10' x 10' 1 2 complimentary registrations $2,200
Corner 10' x 10' 1 2 complimentary registrations $2,400
Islands 20' x 20' 4 8 complimentary registrations $9,600
  20' x 30' 6 12 complimentary registrations $14,000
20' x 40' 8 16 complimentary registrations $18,400
30' x 30' 9 18 complimentary registrations $20,600
20' x 50' 10 20 complimentary registrations $22,800
30' x 40' 12 24 complimentary registrations $27,200
30' x 50' 15 30 complimentary registrations $33,800
40' x 40' 16 32 complimentary registrations $36,000
40' x 50' 20 40 complimentary registrations $44,800
40' x 60' 24 48 complimentary registrations $53,600
40' x 70' 28 56 complimentary registrations $62,400

Target Move-In Schedule

With the cooperation of Service Contractor, Exhibit Management will be using a Target Move - In Schedule for the meeting. Details will be outlined in the Exhibitor Service Kit, which will be mailed April 15.

Exhibit Space Assignment Process

All applications received on or before February 22 will be awarded 60 points. These applications will be separated and identified as AAPM Corporate Affiliate Members and Nonmembers. On February 22, all applications will be assigned a random number with applications received by AAPM Corporate Affiliate Members being assigned random numbers first followed by applications received by Nonmembers. Exhibit space assignments will then be made based on the random number assigned.

Applications received after February 22 will be assigned space based on a point system. The point system is based on three tiers of information: historical data, date application is received, and event sponsorship. Corporate Affiliate Contracts received after February 22 will be assigned space along with nonmember organizations based on historical data, date application is received, and event sponsorship.

The historical tier of the point system awards four points for each consecutive year a company has exhibited, going back nine years. A maximum of 36 points can be accumulated this way. Three points are given for each year exhibited non-consecutively.

The date-point tier begins February 23. Two points will be subtracted from this sixty-point maximum for each application received each business day thereafter. No points are given for applications received after 30 days. Bonus points earned by sponsoring AAPM Annual Meeting events will be added to the aforementioned system.

Total points, Corporate Affiliate level and Exhibitor preference regarding proximity to other exhibiting companies will be used to break ties. Every effort will be made to respect the Exhibitors' space choices, whenever possible, but the decision of Exhibit Management will be final.

Exhibit Management Policy: Exhibit Management reserves the right to rearrange the floor plan at any time when such action is deemed to be in the best interest of the total exhibit effort. Exhibit Management reserves the right to relocate exhibitors should it become necessary for causes beyond the control of AAPM, or advisable in the best judgment of AAPM to transfer assignments.

Exhibit Space Application Submission and Payment

To complete the application:

  • Review the floorplan posted at this site and determine your top three (3) booth selection requests. There will be TWO entrances into the exhibit hall. The entrances are indicated on the floorplan so please note when selecting your requested booth spaces.
  • List any exhibitors you wish to be near and any competitors you do not want to be near.
  • Indicate your priority regarding the assignment of your booth space (i.e. floor location, competitor proximity, associate proximity, corner space).
  • Indicate the product focus and product line that best applies to your organization. This information will be displayed in the online 2002 Buyers Guide.

The Application for Exhibit Space must be accompanied by FULL PAYMENT in the form of either a credit card payment or a check in US funds drawn on a US resident bank.

  - Credit cards accepted include Visa, MasterCard and American Express

  - Checks should be payable to the AAPM.

  - Forward Applications and Payments to:

Lisa Rose Sullivan
One Physics Ellipse
College Park, MD 20740-3846
(Fax) 301-209-0862

  - If you would prefer to wire the payment, the wiring instructions are as follows:

Bank of America
Baltimore, MD
ABA #: 052001633
Acct. #: 20-0381-8333

Please Note:

  • Space assignments are subject to availability of space, preferences, special needs, and compatibility of Exhibitors. Booth assignment will not be made until the FULL PAYMENT is received regardless of when the Application for Exhibit Space is received.

Refund for Cancellations

Should the Exhibitor be unable to occupy and use the exhibit space contracted for, they will promptly notify Exhibit Management. All sums paid by the Exhibitor, less a service charge of 10% of the contract price, will be refunded. No refund for cancellation will be made after May 25, 2002.

For further information about AAPM 2002 Exhibits, please contact
Lisa Rose Sullivan
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