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44th AAPM Annual Meeting Logo
July 14 - 18, 2002
Palais des Congrès de Montréal
Dates to Remember....Mark Your Calendars
January 24: Exhibitor Prospectus posted on AAPM website
February 22: Exhibit Space Application with payment due to AAPM for first consideration in space assignment
April 15: Booth Assignment Confirmation Letters and Exhibitor Service Kit mailing date
May 3: Submission of Scale Drawing for Island Formations
May 3: On-line Buyers Guide Information Entry
May 18: AAPMNet/DICOM Forms
May 25: Refund for Booth Space Cancellations
May 28: On-line Exhibitor Personnel Registration Available
June 3: Exhibitor Housing Form to Housing Bureau
June 5: Mailing Label Forms
June 14: Letter of request for set-up by non-offical contractor due to Brede Exposition Services
June 17: On-line Exhibitor Personnel Registration closed
June 22: Exhibitor Function Request Form
Additional Services
(other than Brede Exposition Services included in Service Kit)
May 31: Lead Retrieval Early/Advanced Reservation
July 5: Lead Retrieval Late/Advanced Reservation
July 1: Projection/Video
July 4: Hotel Door Drop Service
July 6: Electrical Early/Advanced Reservation
For further information about AAPM 2002 Exhibits, please contact
Lisa Rose Sullivan
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