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REMINDERS: 2003 Annual Meeting Home
  • No Icebreaker - Plan to join your colleagues during the 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM beer and refreshment break in the exhibit hall.
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  • Single LCD projection will be the ONLY presentation method available for oral presentations.
  • Remember.... sessions & exhibits all now begin on Sunday.

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Thursday, August 14, 2003 Session Information
Scientific Session
Monte Carlo: Planning
Thursday 10:00:00 AM - 12:00:00 PM  Room: Ballroom 20D

Chair 1: Chang-Ming Charlie Ma, Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia, PA, US

Chair 2: Indrin J. Chetty, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor , MI, US

10:00 AM
A Fluence Convolution Method to Account for Respiratory Motion and Random Setup Variation in 3D Dose Calculations of the Liver: A Monte Carlo Study - I. Chetty*, M. Rosu, N. Tyagi, J. Balter, D. McShan, B. Fraass, R. Ten Haken
10:10 AM
Real Four-Dimensional Monte Carlo Dose Calculation for Double-Dynamic Systems (time-Dependent Delivery Under Organ Motion) - H. Paganetti*, E. Rietzel, A. Can, H. Singh, G. Chen
10:20 AM
Effect of Voxel Size On Monte Carlo Dose Calculation for IMRT Treatment Planning - G. Mora*
10:30 AM
The Effect of Monte Carlo Statistical Uncertainties On the Evaluation of Dose Distributions in Radiation Treatment Planning - I. Kawrakow*
10:40 AM
Denoising of Monte Carlo Dose Distributions Via Locally Adaptive Hybrid Median Filtering - I. El Naqa*, J. Deasy, M. Vicic
10:50 AM
Validation Maps for Bias Correction in Monte Carlo Denoising - J. Deasy*, I. El Naqa, M. Vicic
11:00 AM
Effect of CT Conversion On Monte Carlo Dose Calculations for Head and Neck Treatments - G. Mora*
11:10 AM
Dose Reduction On Air-Tissue Inhomogeneity at the Radiation Treatment of Neck Cancer: Monte Carlo Study - S. Spirydovich*, V. Moskvin, L. Papiez, P. DesRosiers
11:20 AM
Mixed Photon and Electron Treatment for Breast Cancer - W. Xiong*
11:30 AM
Clinical Implementation and Validation of A Commercial Monte Carlo Dose Calculation System - C. Chuang*, B. Curran, L. Verhey
11:40 AM
A Monte-Carlo-Based System for Dose Calculation and Dosimetry QA of Photon IMRT (WIP) - O. Vassiliev*, H. Liu, L. Dong, J. Antolak, S. Cho, R. Mohan
11:50 AM
Quick Monte Carlo Calculations of Electron Output Factors and Beam Penetration Using Superposition - J. Villarreal*, B. Faddegon

2003 Annual Meeting Home

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