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REMINDERS: 2003 Annual Meeting Home
  • No Icebreaker - Plan to join your colleagues during the 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM beer and refreshment break in the exhibit hall.
  • Residents now qualify for Student registration fees. See details under Student Registration.
  • Single LCD projection will be the ONLY presentation method available for oral presentations.
  • Remember.... sessions & exhibits all now begin on Sunday.

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Sunday, August 10, 2003 Session Information
Standard Poster Display
Standard Poster Displays - Therapy (To be posted/displayed Aug 10 - 14)
Sunday   Room: Exhibit Hall
PO-T-1 Comprehensive Quality Assurance Program for MammoSite RTS - S. Rustgi*, F. Chang, M. Keisch
PO-T-2 Geometric Center Comparison for the MammoSite® HDR Brachytherapy Applicator - G. King*, R. Mogus, D. Heron, R. Selvaraj, A. Wu, K. Gerszten
PO-T-3 Sensitivity and OD Growth Effects On the Response of Radiochromic Films Using Pre- and Post- Irradiation Double Exposure Techniques in LDR Brachytherapy - I. Ali*, J. Williamson, J. Hubenschmidt, J. Dempsey
PO-T-4 To Plan Or Not to Plan: Multiple High Dose Rate (HDR) Brachytherapy Insertions - J. Lowenstein*, J. Roll, G. Ibbott
PO-T-5 Clinical Implementation of a Real-Time OR Ultrasound Based Planning System for HDR Prostate Treatment - C. Yang*, A. Raben, H. Chen
PO-T-6 Biological Optimization of the Radiation Treatment Planning for the Combined Modalities - Z. Hu*, J. Chu
PO-T-7 Differences in the Results of MCNP Simulation for Low Energy Photon Sources May Be Due to the Choice of Photon Cross Section Libraries - S. Cho*, C. Kim, G. Ibbott
PO-T-8 Effectiveness of Multiple Dwell Positions for the Treatment of Early-Stage Breast Cancer Using MammoSite„µ Breast Brachytherapy Applicator - A. Sadeghi*, J. Lee, B. Prestidge, A. Rosenthal, L. Salinas, J. Hevezi
PO-T-9 Monte Carlo Dosimetry for An Ir-192 HDR Source Using MNCP4C Code - C. Zhang*
PO-T-10 In-Situ Activated Stent Dosimetry - N. Adnani*
PO-T-11 Film Dosimetry for Linearity Check of the Source Dwell Time in IVBT - J. Huang*, T. Urrutia, J. Haas, A. Katz
PO-T-12 Verification of Longitudinal Uniformity at the Stepping Region for Intravascular Brachytherapy Using P32 Source Wire System - P. Wong*
PO-T-13 Measured Dose Rate Tables for the Checkmate Ir-192 Source Trains (WIP) - H. Song*, D. Roa, N. Yue, F. d'Errico, R. Nath
PO-T-14 Intravascular Brachytherapy of Saphenous Vein Grafts Using Sr-90 for Extended Radial Ranges - M. Rivard*, J. Mignano
PO-T-15 Preplan with Directly Imported Prostate CT-Based Volume Using Variseed - J. Wang*, K. Wallner, P. Herstein
PO-T-16 Acceptance Testing and Monthly QA of Variseed Brachytherapy Software - E. Calugaru, D. Huang*, Y. Cao, L. Potters
PO-T-17 A Nomogram for Permanent Prostate Brachytherapy - X. Wang*
PO-T-18 On the Dose Prescription for Permanent Prostate Seed Implant Using Pd-103 Radioactive Seeds - Z. Chen*, K. Roberts, R. Nath
PO-T-19 Rectal Function Following Brachytherapy: Early Results of Two Prospective Randomized Trials - R. Galbreath*, G. Merrick, W. Butler, B. Kurko
PO-T-20 Long-Term Rectal Function Following Prostate Brachytherapy - A. Hines*, G. Merrick, W. Butler, Z. Allen, R. Galbreath
PO-T-21 Dynamics of Seed Movement and Prostate Regression Between 1 and 2 Months Post Implant - I. Yeung*, A. Beiki-Ardakani, D. Chen, J. Crook
PO-T-22 Biochemical Survival for Patients with Gleason Score 8 and 9 Prostate Cancer and PSA <20 Following Permanent Prostate Brachytherapy - G. Merrick*, W. Butler, E. Adamovich, R. Galbreath
PO-T-23 Clinical, Treatment, and Dosimetric Parameters Predictive of Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) Spikes Following Prostate Brachytherapy - W. Butler*, G. Merrick, J. Lief, R. Galbreath
PO-T-24 The Effect of Hormonal Manipulation On Urinary Function Following Permanent Prostate Brachytherapy - B. Murray*, G. Merrick, W. Butler, Z. Allen, J. Lief, R. Galbreath
PO-T-25 Dose Calculation of Pr-142 in Water for Various Brachytherapy Seed Types - S. Lee*, W. Reece
PO-T-26 Dosimetric Characteristics of a High Energy Photon Beam Activated InSituSphere™ - N. Adnani*
PO-T-27 A Permanent Breast Seed Implant as Adjuvant Radiation Therapy for Early Stage Breast Cancer: Radiation Safety Concerns - B. Keller*, J. Pignol, R. Sankreacha, P. O'Brien, W. Que
PO-T-28 Calibration of a Sr-90 Ophthalmologic Applicator with a Concave Surface - L. Liu*, D. Bassano, D. Kim
PO-T-29 Dosimetric Effects Of Seed Orientation And Anisotropy Function In High-Energy Photon Emitting Sources - N. Adnani*
PO-T-30 The Factors On Dose Optimization Process for Vaginal Applicators - C. Lo*, D. Huang, C. Lee
PO-T-31 A Device for Intensity-Modulated X-Ray Brachytherapy (IMXBT) - F. Yin*
PO-T-32 Monte Carlo Simulation of a Fletcher-Suit-Delclos Applicator for LDR Brachytherapy (WIP) - M. Rodriguez-Villafuert*, A. Martinez-Davalos
PO-T-33 A Permanent Breast Seed Implant as Adjuvant Radiation Therapy: A Dosimetric Comparison Between I-125 and Pd-103 Emitters - J. Pignol, B. Keller*, E. Rakovitch, V. Benk, G. Morton, B. Curpen, P. Causer, R. Sankreacha, W. Que
PO-T-34 TLD Measurements in Liquid Water of Dosimetry Charasteristics of a New 125I Seed - R. Tailor*
PO-T-35 Monte Carlo Calculations Around a Commercial Gynecological Applicator - K. Gifford*, A. Lawyer, P. Eifel, A. Jhingran, J. Horton
PO-T-36 An Evaluation of Intrafraction Motion-Induced Error for Fractionated IMRT Delivery - G. Hugo*, S. Tenn, N. Agazaryan
PO-T-37 The Marker-To-Organ Respiratory Motion Correlation at Ends of Respiration (WIP) - A. Chu*
PO-T-38 New and Better Way of Verifing Treatment Target - S. Grimm*, S. Merrick, J. Wong
PO-T-39 Daily Stereotactic Ultrasound Prostate Targeting: Inter-User Variability - M. Fuss*, S. Cavanaugh, C. Fuss, T. Herman, B. Salter
PO-T-40 Inter-Observer Uncertainty in the Daily CT Localization of the Prostate - L. Court*, L. Dong, M. Ballo, A. Lee, N. Taylor, R. Cheung, K. Kitamura, J. O'Daniel, R. White, D. Kuban
PO-T-41 Application of On-Line Volumetric and Radiographic Imaging to Improve Set-Up in Stereotactic Therapy - M. Oldham*, D. Letourneau, L. Watt, J. Wong
PO-T-42 Correlation of MV Cone Beam CT to a Planning CT for Patient Alignment - M. Svatos*, J. Pouliot, A. Bani-Hashemi, S. Diliplane, A. Khamene, F. Sauer, M. Aubin, F. Ghelmansarai
PO-T-43 Linac Beam Gating for Tumors in the Abdominal Site Based On Ultrasound Imaging (WIP) - J. Kung*, D. Gierga, P. Zygmanski, J. Leong, D. Cail, G. Masganas, K. Chu, E. Rietzel, P. Biggs, G. Chen
PO-T-44 Toward An Automatic Method of Anatomical Landmark Localization for Daily Patient Positioning - G. Sharp*, S. Jiang, S. Kollipara, S. Rosenthal
PO-T-45 Predicting Breathing Motion for 4D Radiotherapy (WIP) - S. Vedam*, P. Keall, V. Kini, H. Mostafavi, R. Mohan
PO-T-46 Adaptive Cone Beam CT Reconstruction Using AS500 Portal Imaging Device for Radiotherapy Treatment Verification - H. Guan*
PO-T-47 Verification of Treatment Parameter Transfer by Means of Electronic Portal Dosimetry - S. Nijsten*, A. Minken, P. Lambin, I. Bruinvis
PO-T-48 Acquisition Modes of A-Si EPIDs for Optimum Signal to Noise Ratio - F. Ghelmansarai*, S. Misra, J. Pouliot
PO-T-49 Demonstration of Minimal Impact to Radiation Beam and Portal Image Quality Due to the Presence of An Electromagnetic Array - J. Pouliot*, B. Werner, J. Riley, M. Herron, S. Dimmer, J. Wright, T. Mate
PO-T-50 Intercomparison of Three In-Room Imaging Modalities for Patient Alignment: EPID, BAT, and CT-On-Rails - L. Dong*, L. Court
PO-T-51 Clinical Data of the Near Real Time Prostate Movement in the Day to Day Treatment - S. Grimm*, S. Merrick, J. Wong
PO-T-52 Comparison of Single and Multi-Slice CT for 4D CT with Respiratory Gating - T. Pan*
PO-T-53 A Bayesian Approach to Management of Setup Error and Organ Motion Using Off-Line Monitoring and Correction - R. Brame*, G. Mageras, M. Lovelock, C. Hua, M. Zelefsky, C. Ling
PO-T-54 The Application of Neural Network On Target Motion Prediction in Breath Gating Control - H. Yan*
PO-T-55 Adaptive Radiotherapy as Optimal Sequential Decision Making: A Simple Boost Scenario - H. Keller*, R. Jeraj, T. Mackie
PO-T-56 Evaluation of Laser Based Patient Distance/Movement Device - S. McNeeley*, C. Ma, R. Price
PO-T-57 Cone-Beam Megavoltage Computed Tomography Using ART-Type Reconstruction Methods - C. Hampton*, M. Munley, J. Bourland
PO-T-58 Simplified Beamlines for High Performance Portal Imaging - Z. Zheng*, F. Ghelmansarai, M. Svatos
PO-T-59 Effect of Sampling Along the Projection Ray Lines in Sub-Second Generation of Digitally Reconstructed Radiograph (DRR) On a Personal Computer - K. Lam*, J. Balter
PO-T-60 Measurement of Prostate Localization Uncertainties for Radiotherapy: A Comparison of CT and Port Films Using Implanted Fiducial Markers - M. Lock*, E. Wong, E. Paradis, D. Downey, D. D'souza, G. Rodrigues, V. Venkatesan, G. Bauman
PO-T-61 Electron Beam Verification with An A-Si EPID - M. Aubin*, K. Langen, B. Faddegon, J. Pouliot
PO-T-62 Use of CCD Cameras for Megavoltage Cone Beam CT (WIP) - J. Celi*, F. Ghelmansarai, A. Bani-Hashemi, F. Hernandez, E. Calderon, M. Mitschke
PO-T-63 Strategy for Placement of Fiducial Markers in the Head for Efficient Marker Identification - R. Popple*, J. Fiveash, J. Duan, I. Brezovich, S. Shen, S. Ye
PO-T-64 Clinical Megavoltage CT -- Imaging Scenarios From Routine to Extreme - K. Ruchala*, G. Olivera, J. Kapatoes, J. Balog, J. Welsh, W. Lu, R. Jeraj, T. Mackie
PO-T-65 Implementation of An Algorithm for Fast DRR Calculation and Estimation of a Beam Source From a Radiograph - V. Frouhar*, S. Lingamallu, J. Palta
PO-T-66 A Computer-Aided Detection Method of Positioning Errors for Patients with Head and Neck Cancers - N. Zhu*, N. Lee, P. Xia
PO-T-67 Spatial Correction Technique for Video EPID Images Using Local Weighted Mean - J. Jain*, S. Samant
PO-T-68 A Method of Analyzing Organ Motion and Assessing Surrogates Used For Guidance of Radiation Therapy - M. Sharpe*, J. Siewerdsen, M. Ghilezan, D. Moseley, D. Jaffray
PO-T-69 A Least-Square Sense Error Minimization Approach to Determining Ferric Ion Diffusion Coefficient in MRI-Fricke-Infused Dosimeter Gels - Y. Tseng, H. Yuan, W. Chu*
PO-T-70 Evaluation of the KODAK EDR-2 Film for Relative Dosimetry of High Energy Photon and Electron Beams - M. Ahmad*, Z. Chen, H. Song, F. d'Errico, R. Nath
PO-T-71 Characteristics of Thermal Elastic Shear Wave (TESW) Propagation in Dermis for the Diagnosis of the Superficial Tissue Damage in Radiation Therapy (WIP) - T. Hsieh*, S. Yen, C. Chou, C. Lyu
PO-T-72 OneDose Surface Dosimeter - S. Widener, J. Carroll, P. Lehman, G. Mann, C. Scarantino, R. Black*
PO-T-73 Evaluation of a Commercial Semiconductor Detector for Patient Dosimetry - P. Alaei*, P. Higgins, B. Gerbi
PO-T-74 Average Energy Required to Produce An Ion Pair, Revisited - E. Fourkal*, A. Nahum, K. Paskalev, C. Ma
PO-T-75 A 3 Dimensional Gel Dosimetry Lung Equivalent (WIP) - J. BenComo*
PO-T-76 Dose Sensitivity Modification in Polymer Gel Dosimeters Improves the Accuracy of Optical CT Scanning for Gel Dosimetry - M. Maryanski*, Y. Xu, C. Wuu
PO-T-77 Kodak EDR2 Film Dosimetry: Effects of Film Orientation and Phantom Density - W. Hsi*, J. Chu, D. Bernard
PO-T-78 EPR Dosimetry with A-Type Carbonated Apatite Powder - L. Oliveira*, L. Rodrigues
PO-T-79 Calibrating Superficial X-Ray Units, Re-Visited - A. Priyadershi*, E. Parsai, J. Li, D. Schifter, J. Feldmeier
PO-T-80 Limit of Dosimetric Accuracy in In Vivo Diode Dosimetry - L. Rock*, I. Das
PO-T-81 Evaluation of N-Type Pt Doped QED Diode Detectors Used for In-Vivo Dosimetry - A. Saini*, T. Zhu, I. Rebo
PO-T-82 An Accurate Method of Measuring Total Scatter Factor, Scp - C. Cheng*, I. Das
PO-T-83 Evaluation of the Skin Dose for Breast Patients - K. Paskalev*, M. Ding, J. Li , G. Shammo , S. McNeeley, C. Ma
PO-T-84 6 and 18 MV X-Ray Spectra Derived From Attenuation Measurements in Water - C. Lu*, R. Waggener, M. Blough
PO-T-85 TLD and GafChromic Film Results for a High Dose-Rate 103Pd Applicator - M. Scarcella*, K. Millage, M. Napolitano, J. Rodgers
PO-T-86 The Case for Routine Patient Dose Verification and Its Role in Improving the Accuracy of Treatment Delivery. - N. Mc Andrew*
PO-T-87 Dose Profile Measurements in a Leksell Gamma Knife Using TLD-100H Thermoluminescent Dosimeters - Y. Li, J. Woollard, N. Gupta*
PO-T-88 Dependence of Virtual Source Position On Field Size in Photon Beams - I. Brezovich*, R. Popple, J. Duan, S. Shen, S. Ye
PO-T-89 Scar Dose Evaluation With/Without Bolus - X. Chen*, R. Antemann, D. Stefanik, A. Wu, J. Ondos
PO-T-90 Determination of Scatter Loss Factor for Clinical High Energy X-Ray Beams Near Tissue-Air Interface (WIP) - N. Sahoo*, A. Sahoo
PO-T-91 In Phantom Measurement of Megavoltage Photon Dose in Free Space (WIP) - J. Rakowski*, M. Yudelev
PO-T-92 Effect of Water Tank Size in Measurement of Output Factors for 6 and 18MV Photon Beams - J. Zhu*, F. Yin, J. Kim
PO-T-93 Application of a Simple Monitor Unit Calculation Program as a Physics Check for the Cyberknife Treatment Planning Calculation - A. Ho*, S. Crooks, L. Xing
PO-T-94 The Accuracy of Dynamic Wedge Dose Computation in the ADAC Pinnacle RTP System - H. Shao*, C. Luo, X. Wu, S. Crooks, E. Bossart, D. Meng, H. Luo, A. Markoe
PO-T-95 Verification Of Asymmetric Wedge Dose Calculations For 6 MV Beam - S. Vatyam*, K. Kannan, V. Anand
PO-T-96 Physics Quick Reference Data Manager Software - A. Beiki-Ardakani*
PO-T-97 Dosimetric Evaluation of Plastic Water-Diagnostic-Therapy (PWDT) Phantom Material - R. Heaton, R. Ramaseshan*, T. Zhang, B. Norrlinger, M. Islam
PO-T-98 A Simple Technique for Routine Electron Energy Check with a User Defined Tolerances - N. Kalach*, G. Ding
PO-T-99 Quality Control Assurance and Dosimetry of Enhanced Dynamic Wedges - G. Reséndiz, I. Gamboa-deBuen*
PO-T-100 Acceptance and Commissioning of AcQSim Using AAPM TG-66 Guidelines - S. Deore*, D. Koch, X. Xu, W. Casey, A. DaConceicao
PO-T-101 The MATRIX DOSEMETER - A PHYSICIST's BEST FRIEND - B. Norrlinger*, D. Galbraith, T. Feuerstake, C. Yeow, J. Yeow
PO-T-102 Quality-Assurance Check of Collimator and Phantom-Scatter Factors - R. Tailor*
PO-T-103 Simple Film Calibration Methods Without Beam Modification - J. Kim*
PO-T-104 An MU Modifier to Remove Unnecessary Output Variations with Atmospheric Pressure and Collimator Opening - D. Galbraith*, B. Norrlinger
PO-T-105 Automated Monitor Unit Calculations - R. Strohschein*, D. Galbraith, T. Feuerstake, C. Yeow, J. Jezioranski, H. Alasti, B. Chan, S. Rose
PO-T-106 Influence of Beam Number and Orientation On Dose Escalation for Lung IMRT - O. Craciunescu*, S. Das, L. Marks
PO-T-108 Dosimetric Advantages of Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy Compared to 3-D Conformal Or Opposed Lateral Beams for the Boost Treatment of Either Surgical Site Or Whole Posterior Fossa for Medulloblastoma - A. Olch*, R. Lavey
PO-T-109 Evaluating Higher Energy Beams as An Alternative for IMRT Treatments - W. Lin*, Y. Qian
PO-T-110 An Investigation of the Feasibility of Sparing Lung and Other Thoracic Organs Using IMRT for Treating Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer - H. Liu*, X. Wang, L. Dong, Q. Wu, X. Zhang, S. Tu, R. Mohan
PO-T-111 IMRT Plan Optimization Using Pseudo Volume Constraint (PVC) Technique - S. Kim*, J. Palta, C. Liu
PO-T-112 The Effect of Photon Beam Energy On the Quality of IMRT Plans - L. Dong*, H. Liu, X. Wang, X. Zhang, S. Tu, M. Gillin, R. Mohan, Q. Wu
PO-T-113 Study of Organ Motion in Gynecology Patients Receiving Intensity Modulated Whole-Pelvic Radiotherapy (IM-WPRT) - D. Bonta*, A. Mundt, J. Roeske
PO-T-114 IMRT: Better Plans with Tuning Structures - J. Lehmann*, T. Pawlicki
PO-T-115 A Comparison of Two Commercial IMRT Treatment Planning Systems - W. D'Souza*, M. Sarfaraz, S. Naqvi
PO-T-116 Intercomparison of IMRT Treatment Planning Systems Using a Standard Head and Neck Dataset - D. Gierga*, J. Kung, J. Jackson, R. Schneider, G. Chen
PO-T-117 Implementation of a Pseudo-IMAT Technique in An Inverse IMRT Planning System - D. Wang*, R. Hill, S. Lam, M. Romesberg
PO-T-118 A Toolbox for IMRT Optimization - D. Shepard*, Z. Jiang, M. Ferris, M. Earl, J. Lim, S. Naqvi
PO-T-119 Global Optimization of Dose-Volume Based Inverse Treatment Planning - S. Gaede*, E. Wong, H. Rasmussen
PO-T-120 Adaptive Gridding for IMRT Dose Calculations - J. Deasy*, I. El Naqa
PO-T-121 Comparison of a Complex Prostate Plan Using Three IMRT Planning Systems - K. Ayyangar*, S. Li, C. Saw, M. Yoe-Sein, S. Pillai, V. Chivukula, C. Enke
PO-T-122 Jaws-Only IMRT Using Direct Aperture Optimization - M. Earl*, D. Shepard, S. Naqvi, C. Yu
PO-T-123 Radiation Therapy to the Skullcap Using IMRT Techniques - K. Breitman*, D. Evans, D. Spencer
PO-T-124 Using a Prior Dosimetric Information to Improve the Inverse Planning (WIP) - Z. Shou*
PO-T-125 Smoothness Evaluation of Intensity Pattern Resulting From Simultaneous Subgradient Projection Method for Dose-Volume Objective Satisfaction - Y. Xiao*, D. Michalski, Y. Censor, J. Galvin
PO-T-126 Intensity Modulation Optimization Using Sphere Packing: A Rapid Solution for IMRS - F. Bova*, T. St.John, S. Meeks, T. Wagner
PO-T-127 Can IMRT Affect Cancer Mortality? - A. Niemierko*
PO-T-128 Evaluation of the Suitability of Reducing the Discordance Between the Optimized and Delivered Dose Distributions as An Objective for Treatment Plan Design - M. Langer*, V. Thai
PO-T-129 Beam Orientation Optimization in IMRT by a Genetic Algorithm - Q. Hou*, J. Wang, Y. Chen, J. Galvin
PO-T-130 Application of Monte Carlo Based IMRT Inverse Planning in Clinical Reality - T. He*, F. Van den Heuvel
PO-T-132 Numerical Instability and Conditioning in IMRT Optimization - P. Cho*, J. Meyer, D. Yee, M. Phillips, H. Parsai
PO-T-133 Influence of Cost Function On Dose Fluence & DVH Analysis for Continuous Annealing Algorithm of Corvus* IMRT Planning System - S. Deore*, X. Xu, W. Casey, V. Terrore, L. Barrette
PO-T-134 Inter-Institutional Comparison of IMRT Plans - K. Komanduri*, P. Aryal, B. Zwicker, K. Ayyangar, M. Yoe-Sein, S. Li, C. Saw
PO-T-135 Study of Field Matching Between SMLC-IMRT and Conventional Radiotherapy - J. Jin*, S. Mutic, W. Thorstad, D. Low, F. Kong, P. Grigsby, J. Purdy
PO-T-136 Incorporating the Delivery Efficiency Into the Inverse IMRT PlanningSystem - X. Sun*, P. Xia
PO-T-137 Clinical Implementation of Beam Angle Optimization in IMRT - N. Papanikolaou*, K. Hadjigeorgiou, L. Gutierez, Y. Yan, C. Wu
PO-T-138 Planning Target Volumes for Radiotherapy: Dosimetric Evaluation of CTV Margin for IMRT Prostate Fields - S. Tenn*, N. Agazaryan, J. DeMarco, T. Solberg
PO-T-139 The Advantage of Noncoplanar Versus Coplanar IMRT for Pediatric Posterior Fossa Tumors - A. Kassaee*, A. Sarkar, H. Shu
PO-T-140 Automated Beam Angle and Energy Selection for Multicriteria IMRT Treatment Planning Optimization - T. Fox*
PO-T-141 An Automated Linear Programming Based Treatment Planning System for Head-And-Neck IMRT - J. Dempsey*, R. Ahuja, A. Kumar, J. Li, H. Romeijn
PO-T-142 Automated Planning System For Optimization Research Using DICOM RT Objects - T. Fox*
PO-T-143 Integrating a Monte Carlo Based Optimization Module Into CERR for Designing IMRT Plans - E. Lee*, J. Deasy, I. El Naqa, I. Kawrakow, M. Vicic
PO-T-144 Sparing Normal Tissue Dose in IMRT Treatment Planning by Adjusting Fluence Map (WIP) - T. Chen, C. Hsu*
PO-T-145 IMRT Treatment Planning: The Physicians Role in Creating Some Unexpected Obstacles - M. Fuss*
PO-T-146 The Delivery of IMRT with a Single Physical Modulator for Multiple Fields: A Feasibility Study for Paranasal Sinus Cancer - J. O'Daniel*, L. Dong, D. Kuban, H. Liu, N. Schechter, S. Tucker, I. Rosen
PO-T-147 The 'Thread Artifact' of Helical Tomotherapy - M. Kissick*, R. Jeraj, J. Kapatoes, H. Keller, T. Mackie
PO-T-148 Dose Linearity and Dose Uniformity of Sub-Fields for IMRT - C. Saw*, S. Li, K. Ayyangar, M. Yoe-Sein, S. Pillai, W. Zhen, C. Enke, J. Celi
PO-T-149 Dark Current Radiation Produced in Step-And-Shoot IMRT On Clinac 21EX Linear Accelerator - R. Bassalow*, N. Sidhu
PO-T-150 Evaluation of the Use of 18 MV Photons From a Siemens Linear Accelerator for IMRT - R. Price*, O. Chibani, C. Ma
PO-T-151 Machine Output Linearity for Breast IMRT - J. Li *, J. Yang, R. Price, L. Chen, C. Ma
PO-T-152 An Analysis of the Delivery of IMRT Segments Using the IMPAC Recorded Data - K. Ayyangar*, M. Yoe-Sein, S. Li, S. Pillai, V. Chivukula, C. Saw, W. Zhen, N. Raman, C. Enke
PO-T-153 DMLC Sequence That Are Least Sensitive to Intrafractional Organ Motion - P. Zygmanski, W. Que, G. Chen, J. Kung*
PO-T-154 Stereotactic IMRT Delivery On a Varian Linear Accelerator Using the Radionics' VariLink System - S. Jaywant*, M. Bate
PO-T-155 Monitor Unit Linearity for the IMRT Step & Shoot Technique - F. Kulidzhanov*, A. Sabbas, S. Trichter, J. Wang, D. Nori
PO-T-156 A Clinical Implementation of Intensity-Modulated Treatments - X. Wang*, G. Gluckman
PO-T-157 Peripheral Doses Resulting From SMLC IMRT Delivery - F. Lerma*, S. Mutic, D. Low
PO-T-158 Optimization of Forward-Planned IMRT Beam Delivery by Editing DICOM RT Plan Objects - J. Bissonnette*, D. Wdowczyk, P. Munger
PO-T-160 IMRT Dose Delivery: Cone Beam Compared To Fan Beam - C. Huntzinger*
PO-T-161 Quantitative Evaluation of Cumulative System Uncertainties in Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy Treatments. - R. Ramaseshan*, R. Heaton, T. Zhang, B. Norrlinger, T. Lam, M. Islam
PO-T-162 Using the Volumetric Effect of a Finite-Sized Detector for Routine Quality Assurance of MLC Leaf Positioning - Y. Yang*, L. Xing
PO-T-163 Using Conventional Solid Water Phantom for IMRT Patient Treatmetn Quality Assurance - M. Kao*
PO-T-164 Artificial Landmark Technique for Image Registration in Radiation Therapy - Y. Yan*, N. Papanikolaou, J. Penagaricano, C. Wu, V. Ratanatharathorn
PO-T-165 A Monte Carlo MU Verification Tool for IMRT Quality Assurance - L. Qin*, R. Price, J. Li , L. Chen, S. McNeeley, J. Yang, M. Ding, E. Fourkal, W. Xiong, G. Mora, C. Ma
PO-T-166 Dosimetric Verification of Step-And-Shoot and Tomotherapy Delivery Methods for IMRT. (WIP) - A. Kapulsky*, I. Rebo, A. Ndlovu, G. Gejerman, D. Fontenla, Y. Pipman, J. Hanley
PO-T-167 A Numerical Analysis to Quantify the Discrepancy in Dose Distributions Between IMRT Planning System and Film Dosimetry - J. Wu*, Y. Lo
PO-T-168 Reduction of IMRT Patient Quality Assurance by Means of Independent Dose Calculations - E. Klein*, Z. Li, J. Jin
PO-T-169 A Mutual Information Maximization Based Image Registration Algorithm for IMRT Film Dosimetry QA - P. Zhang*, C. Wuu, J. Kutcher
PO-T-170 Prone Breast Dosimetry Phantom - S. Becker*, W. Tome, T. Mackie, R. Jeraj, E. Madsen
PO-T-171 Performance Characteristics of An Amorphous Silicon Electronic Portal Imaging Device as a Relative Dosimeter - M. Islam*, B. Norrlinger, E. Fan
PO-T-172 The Design and Testing of Novel Clinical Parameters for Dose Comparison - N. Childress*, I. Rosen
PO-T-173 A Simple Technique to Facilitate Film Dosimetry in IMRT QA - R. Ruo*, H. Liu, A. Moys, S. Ballester, M. Schell
PO-T-174 Commissioning and Quality Assurance in Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT) Treatment with Dynamic Multileaf Collimator (dMLC) - C. Venencia*, P. Besa
PO-T-175 A Real Virtual Phantom for Comparing Different IMRT and Other Radiation Therapy Systems - M. Engler*, M. Rivard, J. Tsai
PO-T-176 Rapid Radiographic Film Calibration for Helical Tomotherapy Verification Using Modulated Fields - C. De Souza*, D. Lucas, J. Balog
PO-T-177 The Fastest Way Ever to Generate H&D Curves for IMRT Film Dosimetry - H. Chen*, C. Yang, S. Murphy
PO-T-178 TomoTherapy Dosimetry-Parameter Benchmarking - J. Balog*, G. Olivera, J. Kapatoes, D. Henderson
PO-T-179 Implementation of a Simplified IMRT QA Procedure - C. Shang*, A. Cohen, J. Protesto
PO-T-180 A Novel Approach To Patient-Specific Quality Assurance: Three-Dimensional Visualization And Verification Of Intensity-Modulated Treatment Plans Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging Of Polymer Gel Dosimeters - M. Witten*, Y. Xu, M. Maryanski, C. Wuu
PO-T-181 An Independent Dose Verification Program for Step-And-Shoot Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy - J. Wang*, A. Sabbas, F. Kulidzhanov, N. Dattatreyudu
PO-T-182 Comparison of 507 Treatments Calculated by An Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy Treatment Planning System and An Independent Monitor Unit Verification Program - J. Haslam*, D. Bonta, A. Lujan, C. Rash, W. Jackson, J. Roeske
PO-T-183 A Comprehensive Commissioning Procedure for Stereotactic Extracranial IMRT Using a Micro Multileaf Collimator - L. Wang*, K. Paskalev, J. Li , R. Price, L. Chen, E. Fourkal, M. Ding, J. Yang, W. Xiong, C. Ma
PO-T-184 Full Three-Dimensional Independent Dose Verification of IMRT Plans - T. Li*
PO-T-185 Dosimetry of Intensity Modulated Beamlets: Dependence On Radiation Detectors - I. Das*, M. Bieda, C. Cheng, R. Mitra
PO-T-186 Estimation of Errors in IMRT Dosimetry - D. Bonta*, J. Haslam, J. Roeske
PO-T-187 Comparison of Two Different Plan Validation Techniques for Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy with Dynamic Multileaf Collimator - R. Selvaraj*
PO-T-188 In Vivo Diode Dosimetry for Routine Quality Assurance in IMRT - P. Higgins*, P. Alaei, B. Gerbi, K. Dusenbery
PO-T-189 Verification and Documentation for Patient-Specific IMRT QA Using Varis and Portal Vision Systems - T. Nurushev*, J. Kim, F. Yin
PO-T-190 Investigation of Accurate Film Dosimetry for High Dose Radiotherapy Techniques - O. Collins*, L. Holloway
PO-T-191 Characterization Of A Large-Area Transmission Chamber For Independent Verification Of IMRT Dose Delivery Constancy - B. Norrlinger*, M. Islam
PO-T-192 A Double-Exposure Technique Using EDR2 to Automate IMRT QA - G. Gluckman*, R. Wlodarczyk, X. Wang, L. Reinstein
PO-T-193 Clinical Experience with Kodak EDR2 Film for Patient-Specific IMRT Quality Assurance - N. Childress*, I. Rosen
PO-T-194 Evaluation of a Planar Diode Array for Verification of IMRT Delivery (WIP) - R. Miller*, J. Shi, M. Sutton Ferenci, J. Ting, L. Davis
PO-T-195 A DICOM-RT Interceptor Algorithm Supporting An IMRT Program in a Pinnacle/Varis Environment - T. Teslow*, S. Borzillary, D. Latronico, D. Alahakone, R. Gaudette, S. Li
PO-T-196 EPID's Exit Dosimetry: Defining Its Dose-Pixel (Doxel) Dispersion and Validating IMRT Portal Doses in Lung and Prostate - A. Kalend*, J. Bhatnagar, J. Coletti
PO-T-197 Dose Distribution Modeling for Small IMRT Fields - N. Papanikolaou*, L. Gutierez, K. Hadjigeorgiou, C. Wu, Y. Yan
PO-T-198 IMRT Delivery Verification in 30 Minutes Or Less - S. Richardson*, N. Orton, W. Tomé
PO-T-199 Performance of Magnetic Field Guided Navigation System for Interventional Neurosurgical and Cardiac Procedures - J. Chu*, W. Hsi, L. Hubbard, D. Bernard, P. Reeder
PO-T-200 Implementation of a Web-Based RT-PACS in a Radiotherapy Clinic - V. Frouhar*, J. Palta, J. Dempsey
PO-T-201 Maximum Delivered Marrow Doses in Patients Treated with I-131 for Thryoid Cancer - M. Graham*, J. St. Germain, G. Niyazov
PO-T-202 Shielding Evaluation for IMRT Implementation in An Existing Accelerator Vault - R. Price*, C. Ma
PO-T-203 Variations of Background Gamma Radiation Due to Induced Radioactivity of Siemens KD Accelerator Head and Treatment Room Equipment - V. Moskvin*, C. DesRosiers, R. Nissenboym, L. Papiez
PO-T-204 Comparison of Peripheral Dose Measurements to Those Calculated by the Peridose Software Program for 6 MV X-Rays From a Varian 2100 EX Accelerator - J. Ashburn*, H. Zhang, P. van der Giessen
PO-T-205 Preclinical Testing of a System for Simultaneous Ultrasound Hyperthermia and Radiation Beam Therapy - P. Novak*, E. Moros, W. Straube, R. Myerson
PO-T-206 Ultrasound Therapy With A Concave Transducer And Ultrasound Images - M. Slayton*, P. Barthe
PO-T-207 Ultrasound Phantoms with Bone Inclusions to Study the Thermal Effect of Underlying Bone On SAR and Temperature Distributions in Superficial Hyperthermia - E. Moros*, P. Novak, P. Kolluri, W. Straube
PO-T-208 Comparison of Manual Vs. Automated Multimodality (CT-MRI) Image Fusion For Brain Tumors - A. Sarkar*, R. Santiago, R. Smith, A. Kassaee
PO-T-209 Virtual Simulation: Marking the Shape of the Ports (WIP) - T. Frenzel*, D. Albers, R. Schmidt
PO-T-210 DVH for Rectum and Bladder in 3D Conformal Treatment of Prostate: Volume Dependence of X-Ray Dose - N. Reddy*, A. Mazur, A. Osian, S. Sampath, C. Hadley, J. Poli, D. Nori
PO-T-211 Does the Diaphragm Motion Follow a Normal Distribution? Implications for Radiation Treatment Planning for Liver and Lower Lobe Lung Cancer Patients - R. George*, P. Keall, V. Kini, S. Vedam, V. Ramakrishnan
PO-T-212 Effect of Magnetic Susceptibility Variations On the Spatial Resolution of Tumor Mapping by Proton Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy - B. Rajagopalan*
PO-T-213 Comparative Evaluation of Image Quality From 3 CT Simulation Scanners - H. Alasti*, C. McCann
PO-T-214 Quantitative Spirometry for 4D Computed Tomography - E. Kalinin*, D. Low, I. ElNaqa, P. Parikh
PO-T-215 EUD Based Margin Selection: A Simulation Including a Target, Critical Organ, and Set-Up Uncertainties - W. Song*, P. Dunscombe
PO-T-216 Four-Dimensional Computed Tomography Using a 16-Slice Scanner - S. Wahab, D. Low*, I. ElNaqa, P. Parikh, M. Nystrom, E. Kalinin, J. Bradley, A. Singh, S. Mutic, J. Dempsey
PO-T-217 Geometric Uncertainties in the Evaluation of Prostate Treatment Plans - T. Craig*, E. Wong, G. Bauman, J. Battista, J. Van Dyk
PO-T-218 Evaluation of CT/PET Fusion Images for Defining Tumor Treatment Volumes - P. Shrivastava*, B. Paliwal, Y. Fang, R. Pyzalski, M. Mehta
PO-T-219 DVH Uncertainties Resulted From Daily Organ Movement - B. Jenq*, S. Grimm, S. Merrick, J. Wong
PO-T-220 Perfecting PET/CT Fusion in Radiation Therapy - C. Shang*, T. Williams
PO-T-221 Evaluation of MRI-Based Treatment Planning for Prostate Cancer Using the AcQPlan System - L. Chen*, R. Price, J. Li , L. Wang, L. Qin, C. Ma
PO-T-222 The Accuracy of 3-D Inhomogeneity Photon Algorithms in Commercial Treatment Planning Systems Using a Heterogeneous Lung Phantom (WIP) - G. Fisher*, D. Followill, N. Tolani, G. Ibbott
PO-T-223 Dosimetric Validation of CERR Version 2 - C. Zakarian*, J. Deasy, A. Blanco
PO-T-224 Variations in Calculated MU's and (WIP) - R. Yaparpalvi*, G. Romano Sr.,
PO-T-225 Dosimetric Consequences of Breast Edema During External Beam Radiation Therapy - S. Hui, M. Lock, J. Limmer, S. Thurman, D. Barton, T. Mackie, J. Welsh*
PO-T-226 Head-Scatter Off-Axis for Megavoltage Photon Beams - J. Finlay*, T. Zhu, A. Dimofte
PO-T-227 A Method to Correct for Variations in Esophageal Contour Area for Dose Calculations - D. Kahn*, A. Sung-Ja, L. Marks, T. Shafman, T. D'Amico, S. Zhou
PO-T-228 A Smart Interpolation Formalism to Determine the Gy/MU-Factor for Open and Blocked Radiation Fields From Full-Scatter Output Measurements - R. de Boer*, C. Schneider, A. Minken
PO-T-229 Selection of Beam Orientations in 3D Conformal Radiotherapy From Analysis of Dose-Volume-Histogram - Y. Xu*, C. Wuu
PO-T-230 The Calculation of Multiple Jaw Segments for Cranio-Spinal Field Dose Compensation - M. Bieda*, N. Black
PO-T-231 A Conformal Parotid-Sparing Technique for Treatment Planning of Head and Neck Tumors. - M. Al-Ghazi*, R. Dunia, E. Orlowski, R. Estep, H. Chung, V. Sehgal, E. Radany, J. Kuo, N. Ramsinghani
PO-T-232 Experimental Measurements of Dose Modulation Induced by a Localized Magnetic Field On 18 MV Photon Beam - W. Hsi*, J. Chu, L. Reiffel, D. Moyer, A. Saxena
PO-T-233 Impact of CT Number in Radiation Treatment Planning - R. Stevenson, J. McDonough*, I. Das
PO-T-234 Adaptive Colormaps for Reviewing Dose Distributions: ‘visual Reference’ Colormaps - C. Zakarian*, J. Deasy
PO-T-235 Inconsistency Between the Generalized Equivalent Uniform Dose Formulation and the Current Tumor Control Probability Model - S. Zhou*, S. Das, Z. Wang, L. Marks
PO-T-236 Monte Carlo Radiobiology (WIP) - S. Smye, S. Weston*
PO-T-237 Radiobiological Considerations in Designing Equivalent Treatment Regimens for Prostate Radiotherapy - X. Li*, J. Wang, S. DiBiase
PO-T-238 The Radiosensitizer Motexafin Gadolinium (MGd) Does Not Penetrate Intact Blood Brain Barrier in Patients Undergoing Post-Operative Fractionated Radiation Treatment (WIP) - G. Wu*, J. Ford, J. Alger
PO-T-239 Effect of Target Dose Inhomogeneity On Tumor Local Control Probability for Radiotherapy - W. Xiong*
PO-T-240 Analyzing Dose Distributions of Fractionated Radiotherapy: Unified Concepts for EUD and BED - U. Oelfke*, S. Nill
PO-T-241 Dose In-Homogeneity at the Vicinity of the Match Line Between An Anterior Of-Cord Photon Field (APF) and a Posterior Electron Field (PEF) for Head and Neck (H/N) Cancer (WIP) - D. Huang, H. Shao*, E. Fridkin, X. Wu, C. Luo, B. Wen, A. Markoe
PO-T-242 Assement of Target Coverage and Parotid Salivary Glands Function Following Conformal and Intensity Modulated Irradiation of Head and Neck Cancer - B. Jino*
PO-T-243 Gated Deep Inspiration Breath-Hold Radiation Therapy Using a Linear Position Transducer - M. Yewondwossen*, S. Denissova, J. Andrew, M. Hale, C. Murphy, S. Purcell
PO-T-244 Low-KVp Intensity Modulated X-Ray System for Treating Choroidal Melanoma (WIP) - C. Esquivel*, R. Waggener, M. Blough, T. Eng, M. Meltz, C. Thomas Jr., A. Turner
PO-T-245 A Prospective Tracking Algorithm for Motion Compensation Radiotherapy - H. Liu*, Y. Yu, W. O'Dell, M. Schell
PO-T-246 Dosimetry Of In-Situ Activated Dysprosium Microspheres: A Monte-Carlo Study - N. Adnani*
PO-T-247 Monte Carlo Based Model of Photodynamic Therapy Process - X. Hu*, J. Lu, R. Allison, G. Downie, R. Cuenca, C. Sibata
PO-T-248 Optimization of PDT Treatment with Multiple Laser Beams Using a Parallel Monte Carlo Code - J. Lu*, C. Sibata, R. Brock, R. Allison, G. Downie, R. Cuenca, X. Hu
PO-T-249 Radiation Quality of a Tomotherapy Photon Beam in Central Axis and Penumbra Regions - V. Moiseenko*, M. Mulligan, T. Kron
PO-T-250 The Effect of Beam Spoiler for Breast Treatment - A Monte Carlo Study - J. Li *, S. McNeeley, K. Paskalev, M. Ding, W. Xiong, C. Ma
PO-T-251 Modeling Electron Transport and Monte Carlo Calculations for Electron Beam Dosimetry (WIP) - D. Vonk*, P. Rez, S. Sapareto
PO-T-252 103Pd Ophthalmic Plaque Dose Rate Comparison of a COMS Dose Prescription Calculation and Explicit Monte Carlo Model - M. Napolitano*, K. Millage, J. Bergman, J. Rodgers
PO-T-253 The Monte Carlo Simulation for Characteristics of Tongue-And-Groove Effect (WIP) - C. Chang*, R. Shih, K. Chuang
PO-T-254 Dose Rate Characterization of a High Dose-Rate 103Pd Applicator Using MCNP4C - K. Millage*, M. Scarcella, M. Napolitano, J. Rodgers
PO-T-255 Magnetic Confinement of Electron and Photon Beam Radiotherapy Dose Profiles—A Monte Carlo Study with a Realistic Non-Uniform Longitudinal Magnetic Field (WIP) - Y. Chen*, F. Becchetti, A. Bielajew, D. Litzenberg, J. Moran
PO-T-256 Monte Carlo Verification of Dosimetry for An Ir-192 Pulsed Dose Rate Source (WIP) - N. Koch*, F. Mourtada, A. Lawyer, J. Horton
PO-T-257 Monte Carlo Simulation of a Total Skin Electron Technique - L. Gutierez*, N. Papanikolaou, Y. Yan, C. Wu, C. Venencia
PO-T-258 Experimental Validation of a Virtual Source Model for MLC-Shaped Dose Calculations Using the Dose Planning Method (DPM) Monte Carlo Code - M. Rosu*, I. Chetty, N. Tyagi, D. McShan, R. Ten Haken, B. Fraass
PO-T-259 A Monte Carlo Study of Dosimetric Characteristics of Intra-Operative Radiation Therapy (IORT) Electron Beam With Beveled Applicators - J. Li*, E. Parsai, S. Lee, J. Feldmeier
PO-T-260 A Monte Carlo Variance Reduction Method with Near Exponential Gain in Efficiency - R. Mooij*
PO-T-261 Modeling of Electron Contamination in Clinical Photon Beams for Monte Carlo Treatment Planning - J. Yang*
PO-T-262 Monitor Unit Calculation for Monte Carlo Treatment Planning - C. Ma*, R. Price, J. Li , L. Chen, L. Wang, E. Fourkal, L. Qin, J. Yang
PO-T-263 Electron Beam Commissioning for a Siemens PRIMUS Accelerator for Monte Carlo Treatment Planning - L. Qin*, J. Li , J. Deng, K. Paskalev, M. Ding, E. Fourkal, C. Ma
PO-T-264 The Impact of Photon Energy and Field Margin in the Treatment of Coin Lesions - E. Osei*, J. Darko, A. Mosseri, J. Jezioranski
PO-T-265 Evaluation of Electron Dose Distribution Obtained From ADAC Pinnacle System Against Measurement and Monte Carlo Method for Breast Patients. (WIP) - S. Lee*, R. Lee, C. Park, C. Lee
PO-T-266 Towards Clinical Monte Carlo Treatment Planning for Photon Beams: Swiss Monte Carlo Plan - S. Figini*, M. Fix, P. Manser, E. Born, D. Frei, W. Volken, H. Neuenschwander, P. Niederer, R. Mini
PO-T-267 Automated Monte Carlo Commissioning for Photons Using the NXEGS Software - T. Pawlicki*, Y. Song, G. Zhang, T. Guerrero, K. Prado, N. Tolani, J. Both, A. Boyer
PO-T-268 Monte Carlo Commissioning of Low Energy Electron Beams Using NXEGS Software - J. Both*, T. Pawlicki
PO-T-269 Performance of Lattice- and Mesh-Based Tallies in MCNP and MCNPX Monte Carlo Codes - M. Kowalok*, R. Jeraj, T. Bohm, T. Mackie, D. Henderson
PO-T-270 A Robust Instantiation Method for the Commissioning Process of the PEREGRINE Code - D. Sheikh-Bagheri*
PO-T-271 Calculation of the Depth Dose Curves and Output Factors for Small Electron Fields - N. MacDougall, W. Pitchford, J. Smith, S. Weston*
PO-T-272 Use of Pencil-Beam Redefinition Algorithm for Electron Arc Dose Calculations - P. Chi*, R. Boyd, K. Hogstrom
PO-T-273 Dose Properties of Electron Beams From a Laser Wakefield Accelerator - K. Kainz*, K. Hogstrom, P. Almond, J. Antolak, C. Bloch, C. Chiu, M. Fomytskyi, F. Raischel, M. Downer
PO-T-274 Design of Scattering Foils for Laser-Accelerated Electron Beams - K. Kainz*, K. Hogstrom, P. Almond, J. Antolak, C. Bloch
PO-T-275 Verification of the Monitor Units Calculations of the New Commercial Monte Carlo Based Treatment Planning System for Electron Beams at Extended Source-To-Surface Distance - G. Daskalov*, J. Cygler
PO-T-276 Electron Conformal Therapy as An Alternative to IMXT in the Treatment of Head and Neck Cancer - R. Weinberg*, R. Kudchadker, J. Antolak, W. Morrison, K. Hogstrom
PO-T-277 Modeling Head-Scatter Factor for Megavoltage Electrons - A. Dimofte, T. Zhu*, M. Bieda
PO-T-278 Bremsstrahlung Electron Distribution -- An Analytic Formula (WIP) - G. Desobry*
PO-T-279 A Simple Empirical Algorithm for Electron Output Calculation for Small Fields and Extended SSDs - J. Burmeister*, W. Peng
PO-T-280 Nude Mouse Model for Boron Neutron Capture Therapy of Human Breast Carcinoma - S. Bose*, R. Rydin, R. Mulder, M. Moore, A. Wu
PO-T-281 An Optimization Algorithm for 3D Proton IMRT - N. Wang*, Y. Yang, G. Coutrakon, D. Miller
PO-T-282 Proton Pencil Beam Dose Distribution Simulation by Geant4 - Y. Yang*, G. Coutrakon, N. Wang, D. Miller, K. Shahnazi
PO-T-283 3D MAGIC Gel Dosimetry for Verifying Proton Patch Fields - K. Shahnazi*, I. Cheng, M. Moyers, O. Luu, B. Holshouser, L. Loredo, J. Slater, D. Miller
PO-T-284 Segmented Intensity Modulated Neutron Radiotherapy for Treatment of Prostate Adenocarcinoma (WIP) - L. Santanam*, T. He, M. Yudelev, J. Burmeister
PO-T-285 Characterization of Semiconductor Detectors for Fast Neutron Beam Dosimetry - K. Alyousef*, M. Yudelev, J. Brandon, J. Burmeister, M. Lerch, A. Rosenfeld
PO-T-286 Quality Assurance of Linac-Based Stereotactic Radiotherapy with Electronic Portal Image Device (WIP) - T. Chen
PO-T-287 The Gamma Knife Center at Roswell Park Cancer Institute - Four Years of Experience - G. Cernica*, D. Vilorio, J. MacKenzie, M. Jurca, S. deBoer, M. Podgorsak, D. Moreland, D. Shah, R. Fenstermaker, R. Plunkett
PO-T-288 Accurate Evaluation of the Combined Treatment Plan for a Staged Gamma Knife Procedure - G. Cernica*, M. Podgorsak, A. Diaz, R. Fenstermaker
PO-T-289 Assessment of the Accuracy of Stereotactic Target Localization Using 1T and 1.5T Magnetic Resonance Imaging - a Phantom Study - J. Novotny Jr.*, J. Vymazal, D. Tlachacova, M. Schmitt, P. Chuda, J. Novotny, D. Urgosik, R. Liscak
PO-T-290 Out-Of-Plane and In-Plane Gantry Isocenter Wobbling and the Resultant Shifts of BRW Coordinates for LINAC Stereotactic Radiosurgery - Z. Wang*, T. Shafman, L. Marks, C. Whiddon, S. Zhou, S. Das, C. Curle, T. Samulski, M. Anscher
PO-T-291 Single-Fraction Radiosurgery for Spinal Lesions - C. Ozhasoglu*, P. Gerszten, S. Burton, A. Wu, S. Kalnicki
PO-T-292 Partial Blocking of Cones in Stereotactic Arc Therapy for Treatment of Small (about 1 Cm) Intra-Cranial Lesions; Dosimetric and Planning Aspects - J. Pooter*, M. Essers, P. Nowak, C. Pan, B. Heijmen, P. Levendag
PO-T-293 Absolute Dosimetric Verification of 3d Dose Distributions in Radiosurgery Using Bang Gel - S. Scheib*, Y. Schenkel, S. Gianolini
PO-T-294 Polymer Gels for NMR Imaging Manufactured in Normal Atmosphere - S. Scheib*, W. Vogelsanger
PO-T-295 Quality Assurance in Stereotactic Radiosurgery (QUASIR) - A. Mack, S. Scheib*, D. Weltz, H. Czempiel, H. Kreiner, G. Mack
PO-T-296 A Comparative Dosimetric Study of CyberKnife Stereotactic Radiosurgery System and Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) for Localized Cancers in the Head and Neck - Y. Song*, A. Ho, T. Pawlicki, A. Lo
PO-T-297 An Analytical Approach to Prevent Gantry-Couch Collision for Linac-Based Radiosurgery - C. Hua*, J. Chang, K. Yenice, H. Amols

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