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REMINDERS: 2003 Annual Meeting Home
  • No Icebreaker - Plan to join your colleagues during the 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM beer and refreshment break in the exhibit hall.
  • Residents now qualify for Student registration fees. See details under Student Registration.
  • Single LCD projection will be the ONLY presentation method available for oral presentations.
  • Remember.... sessions & exhibits all now begin on Sunday.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2003 Session Information
Scientific Session
Tuesday 4:00:00 PM - 5:30:00 PM  Room: 24 A

Chair 1: Maryellen L Giger, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL

4:00 PM
Radiographic Techniques for Digital Mammography with An Amorphous Selenium Detector - D. Peck*, M. Flynn, C. Dodge, A. Swinford
4:15 PM
Comparison of Three Mammographic Detectors for Detection of Microcalcifications: An ROC Study Based On the Images of Specimens (WIP) - C. Lai*, G. Whitman, W. Yang, M. Dryden, A. Kushwaha, E. Arribas, M. Phelps, C. Shaw
4:30 PM
Implementation of the Ideal Observer SNR for X-Ray Technique Optimization in CR Mammography - K. Fetterly*, E. Ritenour, B. Schueler, N. Hangiandreou
4:45 PM
Effect of Foam Pads On Mammography Dose Calculation - E. Berns*, E. Hendrick
5:00 PM
How Does the Choice of MAs Affect Lesion Detection Performance in Digital Mammography? - W. Huda, K. Ogden*, E. Scalzetti, D. Dance, M. Roskopf, E. Bertrand
5:15 PM
Investigation of Psychophysical Measure for Selection of Similar Images for Mammographic Mass Lesions (WIP) - C. Muramatsu*, Q. Li, R. Schmidt, G. Newstead, K. Doi

2003 Annual Meeting Home

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