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TAKE NOTE: 2003 Annual Meeting Home

 Contractor Services and Information

Exhibit Management has selected Brede Exposition Services (Hereafter known as "Service Contractor") to serve as official contractor to provide various services to Exhibitors.

Complete information, instructions, and schedule of prices regarding drayage, labor for installation and dismantling, electrical work, furniture, cleaning, etc., will be included in the Exhibitors Service Kit to be mailed 15. An Exhibitor Service Center will be maintained on the exhibit floor to facilitate service requests from Exhibitors.

It is agreed that the Exhibitor will abide by and comply with rules and regulations concerning local unions having agreement with the San Diego Convention Center and with authorized contractors employed by Service Contractor.

Should there be specific questions Brede can be reached at:

Brede Exposition Services
2300 Principal Row
Orlando, FL 32837
Phone: (407) 851-0261
Fax: (407) 859-3904

 Destination Management Company

Should you need assistance in planning an event to be held in a location other than one of the official hotels, please contact:

Tracey Adams
The Meeting Manager
2437 Morena Blvd
San Diego, CA 92110
Contact: Tracey Adams
Tel: 619-275-0181 / 800-444-3359
Fax: 619-275-4012

Affiliations: The DMC Network - MPI - SITE - Travel Contacts

 Internet Set Up/AAPMnet

On behalf of the AAPM Computer Committee, I invite your company to participate in a DICOM RT demonstration on the Exhibit Floor of the 2003 AAPM Annual Meeting and Exhibit.

The AAPM Computer Committee wants to promote greater use and understanding of DICOM objects in radiation therapy.

Goal: The goal is to demonstrate the transfer of DICOM RT objects between the various systems used in radiation therapy.

We are creating a small test set of treatment planning setups covering the general scope of radiation oncology. At the meeting, object sets based on these standard setups, and derivatives of them, will be stored on a central server that will be provided by Merge eFilm. The participating companies are expected to get or receive these object sets, process them, and send derived results to the central server for use by other companies. To prepare for the meeting, the data (for example CT datasets) will be placed on the NEMA ftp site for download, processing, and uploading of derivative data.

Although it is not required for participation, companies are strongly encouraged to demonstrate transfer of objects not included in this “canned” data set.

A more detailed description of the demonstration can be found in the Computer Committee section of aapm.org.

Connection specifications and costs thereof: Participation in the connectathon will require your booth to have a network connection. The cost of this connection starts at $1100. In addition to DICOM this connection will allow network communications with other vendors and the internet, if desired. Please separately arrange this connection through the San Diego Convention Center.

Please direct any questions to:

Raymond F. Rodebaugh, P.hD.
Chairman, AAPM Computer Committee
St. Joseph's Hospital & Medical Center
email: RRodeba@chw.edu
phone: 602-406-4659
fax: 602-263-7816


For further information about AAPM 2003 Exhibits, please contact Lisa Rose Sullivan

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