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 Floorplan Viewing/Printing Tips

In an effort to provide better viewing of the floorplan for space selection, we are using Expocad VR2 software.

Accessing the Floorplan:

  1. Select the link to ‘Floorplan of Exhibit Hall’
  2. You’ll be prompted with a ‘security warning’ asking if you want to install ‘CADViewPro’ - Click ‘YES’

Navigating the Floorplan:

  1. To ‘ZOOM IN’ on a particular area/booth, using your cursor and ‘click’ on that area, then select the ‘ZOOM IN’ button.
  2. To ‘SCROLL’ left/right or up/down, select the floorplan with your cursor to move it in the direction you chose.

Note: There is no ‘scroll’ bar on the floorplan. You basically ‘click and drag’ it to move to a different area.

Printing the Floorplan:

  1. To print the entire floorplan, ‘ZOOM OUT’ until all is in view.
  2. To print specific areas/booths, first ‘ZOOM IN’ to that area as much as you like, then ‘Print’

Note: You can ‘print’ enlarged areas of any part of the floorplan for your use.

For further information about AAPM 2003 Exhibits, please contact Lisa Rose Sullivan

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2003 Annual Meeting Home

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