46th AAPM Annual Meeting Program
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Sunday, July 25, 2004
Young Investigators Symposium
Sunday 11:00:00 AM - 1:00:00 PM  Room: Ballroom A

Moderator 1: Mary K. Martel, Univ Chicago

Moderator 2: Marc L. Kessler, Univ Michigan Medical Center

11:00 AM
Developing a Robust Blur Kernel for Varian’s AS500 Electronic Portal Imaging Device - C. Kirkby*, R. Sloboda
11:12 AM
Effect of Area X-Ray Beam Equalization On Image Quality and Dose in Digital Mammography - J. Wong*, T. Xu, A. Husain, H. Le, S. Molloi
11:24 AM
Empirical Investigation of a New Generation of High QE Detectors for Active Matrix Flat-Panel Imager EPIDs - A. Sawant*, L. Antonuk, Y. El-Mohri, Q. Zhao, Y. Li, Z. Su, Y. Wang, J. Yamamoto, J. Daniel
11:36 AM
Four Dimensional Tomotherapy - T. Zhang*, R. Jeraj, H. Keller, W. Lu, G. Olivera, T. McNutt, M. Mehta, T. Mackie, B. Paliwal
11:48 AM
New ¹²5I and 103Pd Brachytherapy Seed Air-Kerma-Strength Measurement Techniques - W. Culberson*, H. Selbach, H. Kramer, L. DeWerd
12:00 PM
Physical and Clinical Evaluations of the Image Quality: A Short Scan Approach Applied to Four Dimensional CT - S. Mori*, M. Endo, T. Tsunoo
12:12 PM
Textural Analysis of Pelvis Bone Images for Early Detection of Osteolysis in Hip Replacement Patients - J. Wilkie*, M. Giger, M. Chinander, C. Engh, J. Martell
12:24 PM
The Accuracy of 3-D Inhomogeneity Photon Algorithms in Commercial Treatment Planning Systems Using a Heterogeneous Lung Phantom - G. Fisher*, D. Followill, G. Ibbott
12:36 PM
Verification of Intensity Modulated Stereotactic Radiotherapy Using Monte Carlo Calculations and EPID Dosimetry - B. Parker*, A. Shiu, L. Dong, R. White, M. Maor, H. Liu
12:48 PM
A Monte Carlo Approach to the Validation of a Pencil Beam Algorithm Used in Treatment Planning for Static Conformal Beam Radiosurgery - J. Belec*, H. Patrocinio, F. Verhaegen

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