49th AAPM Annual Meeting Program
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Sunday, July 22, 2007
Joint Imaging/Therapy Scientific Session
Young Investigators Symposium
Sunday 4:00:00 PM - 6:00:00 PM  Room: Auditorium

Moderator 1: Timothy Solberg, University of Nebraska Medical Center

Moderator 2: Paul Medin, University of Nebraska Medical Center

4:00 PM
Exit Dosimetry Treatment Verification Using Auto-Associative Kernel Regression - R. Seibert*, C. Ramsey, B. Robison, S. Outten, D. Garvey, J. Hines
4:12 PM
Dose Convolution Filter: Incorporating Spatial Dose Information Into Tissue Response Modeling - Y. Huang*, M. Joiner , Y. Liao, J. Burmeister
4:24 PM
The Development and Validation of An Image-Based Dosimetry System for 90Y Microspheres Used to Treat Hepatic Tumors - R. Selwyn*, C. Jaskowiak, R. Nickles, J. McDermott, J. Welsh, L. DeWerd, B. Thomadsen
4:36 PM
Localizing Through Optimization of Image Acquisition Rate and Tube Current in X-Ray Fluoroscopy-Guided Therapy - S. Siddique*, D. Jaffray
4:48 PM
Segmented Crystalline Scintillating Detectors for Radiotherapy Imaging: A Monte Carlo Investigation of Swank Factor - Y. Wang*, L. Antonuk, Y. El-Mohri, Q. Zhao, H. Du, M. Behravan
5:00 PM
Stray Radiation Exposure During Proton Radiotherapy of the Prostate: The Influence of the Patient On Scatter and Production - J. Fontenot*, Y. Zheng, P. Taddei, W. Newhauser
5:12 PM
Development of a Novel Detector for Measuring Proton Energy Spectra - Y. Charara*, L. Townsend, C. Ramsey
5:24 PM
Real-Time Three-Dimensional Position and Orientation Data of a Brachytherapy Robot Using Magnetic Tracking - M. Meltsner*, N. Ferrier, B. Thomadsen
5:36 PM
On the Impact of Functional Imaging Accuracy (Sensitivity and Specificity) On Selective Boosting IMRT - Y. Kim*, W. Tome
5:48 PM
Quantitative Assessment of the Accuracy of Proton Beam Range Verification with PET/CT - A. Knopf*, K. Parodi, H. Paganetti, E. Cascio, A. Bonab, T. Bortfeld