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All Exhibitors are invited to advertise in Medical Physics, the scientific journal of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine. Medical Physics will be distributed to all AAPM attendees during registration. Information on rates, mechanical specifications and copy deadlines may be obtained from:

Deborah Bott
Advertising Sales Manager
American Institute of Physics
2 Huntington Quadrangle
Melville, NY 11747-4502
Tel: 800-247-2242
Tel: 516-576-2430
Fax: 516-576-2327
E-mail: dbott@aip.org
web: www.aip.org

Digital Capture of Exhibitor Events - FEES - GREATLY REDUCED FOR 2007!!!

A great way to reach the AAPM membership and other potential customers
with your CUSTOMIZED message

As an Exhibitor participating at the 2007 AAPM Annual Meeting, have a presentation, product demonstration, or users meeting digitally captured during the meeting....

AAPM has partnered with Blue Sky Broadcast in order to provide you with a unique event-delivery solution at very REASONABLE PRICES.

The process includes these basic steps:





AAPM Virtual Press Room

AAPM has implemented a Virtual Press Room for the 2007 Meeting. The Virtual Press Room will consist of both Scientific and Exhibitor related press releases.

Any Exhibitor wishing to link to a single or multiple press releases is asked to post the press release(s) on the internet, thus creating a URL address. Then forward the press release URL address and the date of the press release to the attention of:

Karen MacFarland
(301) 209-3382

All contributing companies will be listed on the Virtual Press Room/Exhibitor Releases site. A link will be created from the Press Room site/company name back to the URL address of the press release.

AAPM Exhibitor Virtual Press Room Guidelines:

  1. Only companies officially exhibiting at AAPM '07 may submit materials for the Exhibitor Virtual Pressroom.
  2. There is no endorsement implied by AAPM.
  3. Releases will be listed in alpha order by company name.
  4. Press releases submitted for the Exhibitor Virtual Press Room by July 13 will be printed and provided in press kits available on-site to all registered press.

We hope to attract more press personnel to our meeting so encourage you to post your releases.

Posting of Announcements of Exhibitor Functions

If you are hosting an Exhibitor Function (Users Meeting, Social Event, etc) take the opportunity to post your announcement on our meeting site. This will assist any attendees who misplace the invite!

For details, please contact:

Karen MacFarland
(301) 209-3382

2007 AAPM Annual Meeting Registrant - Mailing Label Information

As an Exhibitor, you have the opportunity to order the list of 2007 AAPM Annual Meeting scientific registrants for $300 per list.

To order, link here: Attendee Registrant Mailing Labels


Lead Retrieval System

Record, print and store your leads with the scan of a badge!

Information and order forms regarding the Lead Retrieval System will be included in the Online Exhibitor Service Kit.

Exhibitors are encouraged to rent the lead retrieval equipment and supplies in order to obtain mailing information of interested attendees.

Hotel Door Drops

Exhibitors are allowed to distribute printed materials as door drops at the designated AAPM hotels. An official Exhibitor Door Drop Request Form will be included in the Online Service Kit. Exhibitors will be responsible for any fees involved.

For details contact:
Tom Marshall
Convention Communications
Tel: 513-934-3700
Fax: 513-934-3708
e-mail: tom@doordrop.com

Sponsorship Opportunities

Be a Sponsor of an Item for the 2007 AAPM Annual Meeting! For recognition of your sponsorship, your company's name and the item sponsored will be listed on the sponsorship page of the 2007 Pocket Program.

NOTE:  Exhibitors who previously sponsored items at the 2006 AAPM Annual Meeting, will be given the first opportunity to sponsor the same item(s) for the 2007 AAPM Annual Meeting.


AAPM Logo Use

Contact Hadijah Robertson at hadijah@aapm.org

AAPM Annual Meeting Website Link

In an effort to reach as many potential attendees as possible, we encourage you to link to the AAPM 2007 Annual Meeting website [http://www.aapm.org/meetings/07AM/] from your company website.