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Exhibitor Representative

Each Exhibitor must name one person to be their representative in connection with installation, operation, and removal of the exhibit. Such representative will be authorized to enter into necessary service contracts for which the Exhibitor will be responsible.

Use of Exhibit Space

Exhibitors agree not to assign or sublet any space, nor to display or advertise goods other than those manufactured or carried by them in the regular course of business.

All activities of each Exhibitor must be confined to the Exhibitor's allotted exhibit space other than entertainment and social functions. Exhibitor representatives must be in the space rented on the exhibit floor and are not admitted for the purpose of viewing other exhibits, except by invitation of other Exhibitors. No persons, firms, or organizations not having contracted with Exhibit Management for the occupancy of space in the exhibit will be permitted to display or demonstrate its products, processes or services, distribute advertising materials in the halls or corridors, or in any other way occupy or use the facilities.

Hours of Exhibitor Access to Displays

Exhibitors wearing Exhibitor badges may enter the exhibit hall from 7:00 am - 7:00 pm each day of the exposition. Should an Exhibitor require additional time for the maintenance of computer hardware and/or software said Exhibitor must receive permission from Exhibit Management.

Exhibitor Personnel - Food and Beverage

Via Kelber Catering/Convention Center Food Service, exclusive caterer for the Minneapolis Convention Center, exhibitors can order:

All food and beverage must be ordered through Convention Center Food Service. Exhibitors WILL NOT be allowed to bring food or beverages into the building or purchase them from outside caterers.


Stephanie Case
Direct Phone: (612) 335-6171
Fax: (612) 335-6516
E-mail: stephc@kelber.com

NOTE: Distribution of food to meeting attendees is not permitted unless it is a product that the company promotes. Cooking or food preparation is not permitted. Products such as individually wrapped candy or mints for consumption are acceptable.

New in 2007: Exhibitors are allowed to distribute bottled water to meeting attendees. Arrangements must be made through Kelber Catering/Convention Center Food Service.

Badge Control

The official AAPM badge must be worn whenever an Exhibitor representative is in the exhibit hall. Exhibitor badges are not to be issued to individuals who wish to gain admittance for the purpose of contacting other Exhibitors. False certification of any individual as an Exhibitor's representative, misuse of Exhibitor's badges, or any other method or device used to assist unauthorized personnel to gain admittance to the exhibit floor will be considered a substantial violation of the rules. Violators will be fined $300.00 per incident and the individual(s) in question will be escorted from the meeting.

Work Passes

Special work passes will be issued for gaining entrance to the exhibit hall during installation and dismantling. Ten work passes will be mailed to each Exhibitor Contact in April. Should you need more than 10 prior to arriving show site, please contact Hadijah Robertson at hadijah@aapm.org.

Work passes will also be available at show site at Exhibitor Registration and the loading dock located at the back of the exhibit hall. During installation and dismantling admission to the Exhibit Hall is by work pass and exhibit badge only. Work passes are valid ONLY during installation and dismantling; an exhibit badge is required during exhibit hours.

Exhibitor Activities

Exhibitors agree not to schedule or conduct any outside activity including, but not limited to, receptions, seminars, symposia, and hospitality suites that are in conflict with the official program of the AAPM Annual Meeting, whether such activities are held at or away from the Exhibit Hall. However, Exhibitors are allowed to hold staff meetings at any time, as long as only exhibitor personnel are involved. Permission must still be requested using the Exhibitor Function Request Form.

Any Exhibitor wishing to hold any outside activity in conjunction with its exhibit must submit the Exhibitor Function Request Form to Exhibit Management for written approval. You will receive an approval notification from AAPM HQ via e-mail. The notification will include contact information for each of the designated 2007 AAPM hotels and the Minneapolis Convention Center. In 2007, there are a limited number of meeting rooms available for exhibitor use in the Convention Center. Upon approval, you will make function-arrangements directly with the hotel of your choice or the Convention Center.

Let AAPM help you digitally capture and archive your meetings or functions. We are able to offer you the opportunity to do so at discounted prices compared to regular market prices. AAPM will host your digital presentation in the AAPM Virtual Library for a 12 month period, providing you with the opportunity to reach the ENTIRE membership with your message. Please contact Lisa Rose Sullivan for details.

Download form here:

The following are designated times when Exhibitors may conduct any of the above-mentioned activities:

Day Date Time
Saturday July 21 Any time
Sunday July 22 Before 8:00 am
After 5:30 pm

AAPM will not be hosting a function Sunday evening. Exhibitors are encouraged to use this opportunity to host private functions for meeting attendees.

Monday July 23 Before 7:30 am
During lunch 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm
After 7:30 pm
Tuesday July 24 Before 7:30 am
During lunch 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm
After 9:00 pm
Wednesday July 25 Before 7:30 am
During lunch 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm
After 6:45 pm
Thursday July 26 Before 7:30 am
After 5:30 pm
(No Exhibits on Thursday)


Should you need assistance in planning an event to be held in a location other than one of the official hotels, we encourage you to contact the following destination management company:

Vallorie Todor
1219 Marquette Avenue, Suite 110
Minneapolis, MN 55403
Phone: 612-333-8687
Fax: 612-333-4169
Email: vtodor@metroconnections.com