48th AAPM Annual Meeting Program
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Sunday, July 30, 2006
Joint Imaging/Therapy Symposium
Young Investigators Symposium
Sunday 11:00:00 AM - 1:00:00 PM  Room: Valencia A

Moderator 1: Martin S. Weinhous, The Cleveland Clinic

11:00 AM
Automatic Comparison Between Reference and On Board Digital Tomosynthesis for Target Localization - L. Ren*, D. Godfrey, J. Wu, H. Yan, F. Yin
11:12 AM
More Accurate Determinations of Air-Kerma Strength for Brachytherapy Sources - W. Culberson*, L. DeWerd
11:24 AM
A Directional Algorithm for An Electronically-Collimated Gamma-Ray Detector for Intraoperative Localization of Radiation Sources - A. Lackie*, K. Matthews, B. Smith, W. Hill, W. Wang, M. Cherry
11:36 AM
Using Flow Information to Support 3D Vessel Reconstruction From Rotational Angiography - I. Waechter*, J. Bredno, J. Weese, D. Hawkes
11:48 AM
Advanced Integral Method for the Simulation of Diagnostic X-Ray Spectra - C. Dodge*, M. Flynn
12:00 PM
A Novel Approach to Assessing Breast Density Utilizing Sound Speed Measurements - C. Glide*, N. Duric, P. Littrup
12:12 PM
Air-Kerma Strength Determination of a 169Ytterbium High Dose Rate Brachytherapy Source - J. VanDamme*, L. DeWerd, J. Micka, W. Culberson, S. Davis
12:24 PM
Air Kerma Rate Measurements From a Miniature X-Ray Source Using Free-Air Ionization Chambers - S. Davis*, J. Micka, L. DeWerd, T. Rusch
12:36 PM
Radiation Quality in High Contrast Imaging with Orthogonal Bremsstrahlung Beams - A. Sarfehnia*, K. Jabbari, J. Seuntjens, E. Podgorsak
12:48 PM
Cone-Beam CT for Radiation Therapy with Reverse Helical Trajectory - S. Cho*, C. Pelizzari, X. Pan