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2007 AAPM Summer School

Program Description:

The attendees will understand the principles and methods for radiation shielding design for medical facilities where ionizing radiation machines or isotopes are to be used. The methods presented are to be from NCRP Reports 147 and 151 and in AAPM Task Group Report 108 with practical examples of applications for all types of equipment including but not limited to Radiographic and Fluoroscopic units, CT Scanners, PET Scanners, Radiation Therapy Simulators, Mammography Units, Linear Accelerators with and without IMRT options, Tomotherapy units, Cyberknife units, and HDR applications. Additional items covered will be facility design to optimize space utilization and patient flow in addition to Radiation Safety Surveys to be conducted for these facilities to ensure applicable exposure limits are in compliance for both occupational personnel and the public. Program Outline

Continuing Education Credits:

The Summer School program has been approved for continuing education credit by the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Physics Education Programs, Inc. (CAMPEP). For each hour of verified attendance, 1 MPCEC hour of credit will be awarded.

On-Line Continuing Education:

The AAPM has partnered with Blue Sky Broadcast to host educational courses on the AAPM website in the AAPM Virtual Library.

Presentations to be given at the Summer School have been selected for posting in the Virtual Library. Presentations posted in the virtual library will include: streaming audio of the speakers, transcription of the audio presentations, and slides of the presentations.

Access to the AAPM Virtual Library is a service provided to AAPM members. AAPM members may earn continuing education credits for selected presentations posted in the Virtual Library by subscribing to the AAPM On-Line Continuing Education Program. Details on registering for the AAPM Virtual Library and information on the AAPM On Line Continuing Education Program can be found on the AAPM homepage.

Following the Summer School, CD Roms of the presentations can be purchased.

NCRP Reports 147 and 151:

Two Summer School registration categories exist. You may either register to receive a hard copy of the following two NCRP reports:
Report No. 151 - Structural Shielding Design and Evaluation for Megavoltage X- and Gamma-Ray Radiotherapy Facilities (2005)
Report No. 147 - Structural Shielding Design for Medical X-Ray Imaging Facilities (2004)
or, if you already have the reports you can save $100 by opting not to receive the 2 reports with your registration.

In addition, registrants will receive handouts of
AAPM Task Group 108: PET and PET/CT Shielding Requirements. Medical Physics, Vol 33, Issue 1 (2006) as well as Powerpoint handouts of all faculty presentations (at least, those received prior to the Summer School.) Presentations will also be posted with faculty permission here following the Summer School.

Program Directors:

Melissa Martin, Therapy Physics Inc.

Patton McGinley, PhD, retired


Invited Faculty:

Jon Anderson, PhD, UT Southwestern Medical Ctr
Peter Biggs, PhD, Massachusetts General Hospital
Dan Bourland, PhD, Wake Forest University
Don Frey, PhD, Medical University of SC
Glenn Glasgow, PhD, Loyola University Medical Ctr
Nisy E. Ipe, PhD, CHP, Consultant, Shielding Design, Dosimetry & Radiation Protection
Mark Madsen, PhD, University of Iowa

Melissa Martin, Therapy Physics, Inc.
Richard Massoth, PhD, Medical X-Ray Center, PC
Patton McGinley, PhD, retired
Thomas Potts, Eisenhower Medical Center
Jim Rodgers, PhD, Radamerica, Inc.
Doug Shearer, PhD, Consultant
Douglas Simpkin, PhD, St. Luke's Med Ctr
Donna Stevens, UT MD Anderson Cancer Ctr
Mark Towsley, Minneapolis Radiation Oncology
Raymond Wu, PhD, Grant/Riverside Methodist Hospital

Local Arrangements:

Mary Fox, Local Arrangements Chair

Sherry Connors, Local Arrangements Work Group
For additional information, contact:

Karen MacFarland
AAPM Meetings Manager
One Physics Ellipse
College Park, MD 20740-3846

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