2008 ACMP Program
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ACMP 25th Annual Meeting - Session
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Monday, May 5, 2008
Young Investigator's Symposium  
Young Investigators Symposium
Monday 4:00:00 PM - 5:30:00 PM  Room: Metropole
4:00 PM
A Phantom-Based Study for Recreating a 4D Dynamic Dose to Account for Organ Motion in Radiotherapy - T. ROLAND*, Y. Liu, N. Papanikolaou
4:15 PM
Improving the Utility of In-Room Video Camera Systems for Continuous Surveillance of Patient Motion During Radiation Treatment - C. Kut*, C. Chen, J. Wong, R. Taylor
4:30 PM
New Generation Portal Sensor Based On Thin-Film Cadmium Telluride for Clinical High Energy X-Ray Imaging - J. Kang*, I. Parsai, D. Shvydka
4:45 PM
Normalized Bragg Peak Curves for Various Proton Incident Energies in Water Phantom: A Simulation with GEANT4 Monte Carlo Code - Y. Chen*, S. Ahmad
5:00 PM
Monte Carlo Simulation of Depth Dose in Water Phantom for Multi-Energy Protons - Y. Liu*, B. Guo, N. Papanikolaou
5:15 PM
Comprehensive Evaluation of Radiation Oncology Information Systems (ROIS) - L. Fong*, M. Herman