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How Do I Register for SAMs sessions/credits at the 2008 Annual Meeting?

  1. Pre-register for the annual meeting.  You will not be able to register for SAMs after July 9 (there will be no on-site registration.)  Prior to June 25, if you have already registered for the annual meeting, but did not register for SAMs, you can still add SAMs by calling AAPM's registration call center at 1-508-743-0124.

  2. You will be asked if you require Maintenance of Certification (MOC) as defined by ABR.  Say YES.

  3. You will be given the option to register for SAMs sessions ($10 to rent the audience response unit, and participate in as many SAMs sessions as you wish).

  4. When you arrive at the George R. Brown Convention Center to pick up your badge and program materials, you will be given a ticket for your audience response unit.  Exchange your ticket for the audience response unit at the SAMs counter.  NOTE: You will be asked for credit card verification.  In the event you do not return your audience response unit, your credit card will be charged $75.

  5. Go to the SAMs sessions of your choice.  There will be 9 sessions (total) offered in the categories of Diagnostic, Medical Nuclear, Therapy Physics and Professional topics.  We'll post the list of SAMs sessions in May, and send an email to all AAPM members.

  6. During a SAMs session, the speaker will ask interactive questions.  You will be able to respond using your SAMs audience response unit.  The audience feedback will appear in real time on the screen. There is no pass/fail and you will not be graded on your responses.

  7. At the end of the meeting, please return your audience response unit to the SAMs counter.

  8. Post meeting, AAPM will provide the ABR with required statistical information of the SAMs program. AAPM will send to each SAM participant a listing of sessions evaluated, to be used by the participant for self-reporting the activities to the ABR. 

  9. To confirm attendance, attendees must complete the an on-line survey for the SAMs session. Internet terminals will be available on-site for this purpose. You may also use your own laptop at the Wireless Lounge either inside or outside the exhibit hall, or in the comfort of your hotel room. Please note you will require your badge I.D. in order to complete the session survey.

Don't require Maintenance of Certification, but still want to sit in on a SAMs session??

No problem.  The sessions are open to everyone.  An audience response unit is not required to attend.